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REBOL [ Title: "Text-Lists With One Row Hi-lite " Date: 18-Jun-2006 Name: 'Text-Lists With One Row Hi-lite Version: 0.1.1 File: %one-row-hilite.r Author: "R.v.d.Zee" Owner: "R.v.d.Zee" Rights: {Copyright (C) R.v.d.Zee 2006} Tabs: 4 Purpose: {The script was written to illustrate how a single hi-lite bar can be used with a group of text-lists. The single bar is used instead of the in-built hi-lite of the text-list style. In a group of the default text-lists, all occurrences of identical data are hi-lighted if any one of them is picked - and so no uniform hi-lite bar can be presented. The iter co-ordinates of the picked item of the text-list locate the hi-lite bar. } Notes: { The Hi-Lite Bar: The hi-lite bar is a transparent drawn object. When an item in any of the text-lists is picked, the position of the item (the iter/offset/y) is noted. The bar's offset/y is set to place the bar over the entire row of the picked item. Getting The Data: As the text-list data may be moved by the scroller, the scroll number (/sn) of a text-list must be used with the picked item's offset to recover the data that is hi-lighted in the row: listData: skip listData city/sn + (position / 27 ) * 5 - position is the picked item's iter/offset/y - 27 is the iter height - and 5, the length of a row of data in listData (city latitude longitude sunrise sunset) } Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'All type: 'tool domain: [GUI] tested-under: 'Linux support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] listData: [ "PERTH" {-3157'00"} {+11551'00"} 06:22 18:24 "DARWIN" {-1227'00"} {+13050'00"} 06:51 18:55 "BRISBANE" {-2728'00"} {+15301'00"} 05:53 17:55 "HOBART" {-4253'00"} {+14717'00"} 07:17 19:17 "HOBART" {-4253'01"} {+14717'00"} 07:17 19:18 "MELBOURNE" {-3748'00"} {+14456'00"} 07:26 19:27 "BROOME" {-1757'00"} {+12214'00"} 05:56 17:59 ] dataLength: divide (length? listData) 5 cityData: make block! dataLength latitudeData: make block! dataLength longitudeData: make block! dataLength sunriseData: make block! dataLength sunsetData: make block! dataLength forskip listData 5 [ append cityData first listData append latitudeData second listData append longitudeData third listData append sunriseData fourth listData append sunsetData fifth listData ] ;-------- PLACE BAR OVER ROW, RECOVER AND PRESENT THE SELECTED DATA ; locate the bar over the row put-bar--get-data: func [position][ hiLite/offset/y: position + 45 show hiLite ; re-setting the faces removes the default hi-lite reset-face city reset-face latitude reset-face longitude reset-face sunrise reset-face sunset ; gather and present the row of picked data listData: skip listData city/sn + (position / 27 ) * 5 ;could be any sn city/sn, lat/sn... selected-row/text: rejoin [ listData/1 " " listData/2 " " listData/3 " " listData/4 " " listData/5 ] show selected-row listData: head listData ] oneLIne: layout [ backcolor 183.99.0 ;olive - 60 across space 0 style labels label font-color coffee indent 120 labels "City" indent 195 labels "Latitude" indent 90 labels "Longitude" indent 55 labels "Sunrise" indent 45 labels "Sunset" return style lists text-list 300x200 coffee olive font-size 22 [put-bar--get-data face/iter/offset/y] city: lists gold olive - 10 data cityData indent -16 latitude: lists 170x200 coffee - 50 olive data latitudeData center indent -16 longitude: lists coffee - 100 olive - 10 170x200 data longitudeData center indent -16 sunrise: lists 100x200 0.0.105 olive data sunriseData indent -16 sunset: lists 141.0.0 olive - 10 100x200 data sunsetData indent -16 scrollAll: scroller 16x200 brown + 50 brown [ city/sn: latitude/sn: longitude/sn: sunrise/sn: sunset/sn: round scrollAll/data * (length? listData) show [city latitude longitude sunrise sunset] ] return selected-row: field water water 778x30 font-size 17 center return scriptArea: area 762x350 black black font-size 18 font-color green wrap read %one-row-hilite.r scriptScroller: scroller 16x350 brown + 50 brown [ scroll-para scriptArea scriptScroller ] return indent 740 btn "Quit" gold red [quit] ;---------------------------- TRANSPARENT HI-LITE BAR ---------------------------------------- origin 20x20 hiLite: box 755x24 effect [ draw [ pen fill-pen box 5x1 755x24 ] ] ] ;-------------- END OF LAYOUT -------------- sunrise/iter/para/indent: sunset/iter/para/indent: 10x2 scriptArea/para/origin: city/iter/para/indent: 20x2 scrollAll/speed: 10 ;the default is 20, this may speed up the scrolling of the text-lists oneLine/offset: 300x0 ;----make deafult hi-lite colors similar to the background color, so they may not be noticed city/iter/feel: make city/iter/feel [ redraw: func[f a e] bind [ f/color: either find picked f/text [olive - 10] [slf/color] ] in city 'self ] latitude/iter/feel: make latitude/iter/feel [ redraw: func[f a e] bind [ f/color: either find picked f/text [olive - 10] [slf/color] ] in latitude 'self ] longitude/iter/feel: make longitude/iter/feel [ redraw: func[f a e] bind [ f/color: either find picked f/text [olive - 10] [slf/color] ] in longitude 'self ] sunrise/iter/feel: make sunrise/iter/feel [ redraw: func[f a e] bind [ f/color: either find picked f/text [olive - 10] [slf/color] ] in sunrise 'self ] sunset/iter/feel: make sunset/iter/feel [ redraw: func[f a e] bind [ f/color: either find picked f/text [olive - 10] [slf/color] ] in sunset 'self ] ;------ this function is used to remove the hi-lite when the scoller dragger is moved ;------ the movement of any scroller's dragger in the layout may also remove the hi-lite bar ;------ using either instead of if, seems to preserve the face's function ;------ aa - has no significance, other than to complete either statement city/sld/dragger/FEEL/detect: func [face event] [ either event/type <> 'move [ hide hiLite ][aa: false] ] view oneLIne
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage