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REBOL [ title: "No 'REBOL -' in title bar" date: 12-Mar-2010 file: %no-rebol-in-title-bar.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { Remove the deault "REBOL -" text from _all_ GUI title bars, including alerts and requestors. } ] ; AFTER THE FOLLOWING CODE IS DONE, ALL WINDOWS, INCLUDING ALERTS AND ; REQUESTORS, WILL HAVE THE TITLE BAR SET TO THE TEXT BELOW (currently, ; this works only on Windows OS): title-text: {No default 'REBOL - ' in title bar!} if system/version/4 = 3 [ user32.dll: load/library %user32.dll get-tb-focus: make routine! [return: [int]] user32.dll "GetFocus" set-caption: make routine! [ hwnd [int] a [string!] return: [int] ] user32.dll "SetWindowTextA" show-old: :show show: func [face] [ show-old [face] hwnd: get-tb-focus set-caption hwnd title-text ] ] ; THE FOLLOWING CODE SETS THE DEFAULT WINDOW BACKDROP COLOR TO WHITE: svv/vid-face/color: white ; HERE'S AN EXAMPLE WINDOW: view center-face layout [ size 600x400 btn "Click Me" [ alert { Now all windows, including alerts and requestors, also have the "REBOL - " removed. } ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage