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#! /usr/bin/rebol -qs REBOL [ File: %nettools.r Date: 12-July-2006 Title: "Network Tools" Version: 1.1 Author: "François Jouen" Rights: {Copyright © EPHE 2006} Purpose: {Collection of network tools} library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: 'tool domain: [shell tcp] tested-under: all plateforms support: none license: 'BSD see-also: none ] ] ; some useful information host_address: system/network/host-address host_name: system/network/host Get_Os: does [ switch system/version/4 [ 3 [os: "Windows" countos: "n"] 2 [os: "MacOSX" countos: "c"] 4 [os: "Linux" countos: "c"] 5 [os: "BeOS" countos: "c"] 7 [os: "NetBSD" countos: "c"] 9 [os: "OpenBSD" countos: "c"] 10 [os: "SunSolaris" countos: "c"] ] ] Update-Panel: func [pnl] [ pnl/pane/offset: 0x0 show [pnl] ] Set_TimeOut: func [newto] [ oldto: system/schemes/default/timeout system/schemes/default/timeout: newto ] Restore_TimeOut: does [ system/schemes/default/timeout: oldto ] Get_OS ; main window MainWin: layout [ origin 0x0 space 0x0 at 5x15 osinfo: info os 100 center at 5x45 b1: btn 100 "Host" [p1/pane: HostView update-panel p1] at 5x70 b2: btn 100 "DNS" [p1/pane: NetView update-panel p1] at 5x95 b3: btn 100 "Netstat" [p1/pane: NetStatView update-panel p1] at 5x120 b4: btn 100 "Ping" [p1/pane: PingView update-panel p1] at 5x145 b5: btn 100 "Finger" [p1/pane: FingerView update-panel p1] at 5x170 b6: btn 100 "Whois" [p1/pane: WhoisView update-panel p1] at 5x195 b7: btn 100 "Port Scan" [p1/pane: ScanView update-panel p1] at 5x220 bq: btn 100 "Quit" [Quit] at 120x5 p1: box 520x250 silver frame white ] ; useful routines to access network interfaces associated to the hostview layout Get_Interfaces: func [] [ i: 0 cnx: open tcp:// data: get-modes cnx 'interfaces close cnx ni: length? data ni_info/text: join "Network Interfaces [" [ni"]"] clear ni_choice/data for i 1 ni 1 [append ni_choice/data i] show [ ni_info ni_choice] return ni ] Get_Informations: func [number][ card: pick data number nic_name/text: card/name nic_adress/text: card/addr nic_subnet/text: card/netmask either found? find card/flags 'broadcast [nic_badress/text: card/broadcast] [nic_badress/text: "None"] either found? find card/flags 'multicast [nic_multi/text: "Yes" ] [nic_multi/text: "No"] either found? find card/flags 'point-to-point [nic_ppp/text: card/dest-addr ] [nic_ppp/text: "None"] show [nic_name nic_adress nic_subnet nic_badress nic_multi nic_ppp] ] ; information about this computer HostView: layout [ backcolor silver across origin 0x0 at 5x5 info1: info 150 to-string host_address info2: info host_name at 5x30 ni_info: lbl 225 left "Network Interfaces " ni_choice: rotary 120 silver "" [nc: to-integer face/text if nc > 0 [Get_Informations nc]] at 5x60 lbl 225 "Name" left nic_name: field 120 at 5x90 lbl 225 "Address" left nic_adress: field 120 at 5x120 lbl 225 "Subnet" left nic_subnet: field 120 at 5x150 lbl 225 "Broadcast" left nic_badress: field 120 at 5x180 lbl 225 "Multicast" nic_multi: field 120 at 5x210 lbl 225 "Point to point" nic_ppp: field 120 ] ; exploring the network via DNS Explore_Net: does [ if error? try [ clear dresult/text dresult/line-list: none ;save default timeout Set_TimeOut 1.0 ;get the network base address ipx: to-tuple dinfo1/text adr: ipx and start: now/time/precise append dresult/text join "Starting exploration " newline show dresult for i 1 255 1 [ adr: adr + str: join "dns://" adr machine: read to-url str pg/text: adr pg2/data: i / 255 ; just for the mac osx version. the delay is not necessary for linux or windows oses if os = "MacOSX" [wait 0.01] ; alive? if not none? machine [append dresult/text join adr [": " machine newline ] ] show [pg pg2 dresult ] ] end: now/time/precise append dresult/text join "Network scanned in " end - start show dresult ;restore default timeout Restore_TimeOut] [Alert "Error! Please use a valid IP Address!"] ] NetView: layout [ backcolor silver across origin 0x0 space 5x0 at 5x5 lbl 100 left "IP Address" dinfo1: field 175 to-string host_address drep1: info 175 right btn "Get" [drep1/text: "" str: "dns://" drep1/text: read to-url str show drep1] at 5x30 lbl 100 left "Domain Name" dinfo2: field 175 "" drep2: info 175 right btn "Get" [drep2/text: "" adr: dinfo2/text str: str: join "dns://" adr drep2/text: read to-url str show drep2] space 0X0 at 5x55 dresult: area 490x145 sl: slider 16x145 [scroll-para dresult sl] at 5x205 pg: info 150 pad 5 pg2: progress 225x25 pad 5 btn "Explore the Network" [Explore_Net] ] ; whois tools WhoisView: layout [ backcolor silver across origin 0x0 space 5x0 at 5x5 lbl 120 left "Domain Name" winfo1: field 355 "" at 5x30 lbl 120 left "Whois Server" slist: Choice 250 silver "" "" "" btn 100 "Whois" [ clear wresult/text wresult/line-list: none show wresult str: join "whois://" [winfo1/text "@" slist/text] if error? try [rep: read to-url str append wresult/text rep] [append wresult/text "Error in connection "] show wresult ] space 0x0 at 5x65 wresult: area 490x170 wrap wsl: slider 16x170 [scroll-para wresult wsl] ] ;Finger Tools FingerView: layout [ backcolor silver across origin 0x0 space 0x0 at 5x5 lbl 50 left "User" finfo1: field 150 "fjouen" txt "@" finfo2: field 200 to-string host_address pad 5 btn "Finger" [ clear fresult/text fresult/line-list: none show fresult wait 0.01 str: join "finger://" [finfo1/text "@" finfo2/text] if error? try [rep: read to-url str append fresult/text rep] [append fresult/text "Error in connection "] show fresult ] at 5x40 fresult: area 490x170 wrap fsl: slider 16x170 [scroll-para fresult fsl] ] ; scan ports ScanView: layout [ backcolor silver across origin 0x0 space 0x0 at 5x5 lbl 150 left "Internet Address" sinfo1: field 215 center to-string host_address at 5x30 lbl 150 left "Starting Port" sinfo2: field center 70 "1" lbl left "Ending Port" sinfo3: field center 70 "1024" ; for standard port use pad 5 btn "Scan" [ clear sresult/text sresult/line-list: none append sresult/text join "Port Scanning host: " [sinfo1/text newline] show sresult Set_TimeOut 0.1 sstart: to-integer sinfo2/text send: to-integer sinfo3/text count: (send - sstart) + 1 for n 1 count 1 [ spg1/text: join "Port " n spg2/data: n / count if error? try [close open to-url join "tcp://" [sinfo1/text " :" n ] append sresult/text join "Open TCP Port: "[ n newline]] [] show [spg1 spg2 sresult] if os = "MacOSX" [wait 0.01] ] ;restore default timeout Restore_TimeOut append sresult/text "Port Scanning is done" show sresult ] at 5x60 sresult: area 490x150 wrap ssl: slider 16x150 [scroll-para sresult ssl] at 5x215 spg1: info 150 pad 5 spg2: progress 350x25 ] ;ping tools ; makes ping to the host ping: does [ buffer: copy "" clear presult/text presult/line-list: none append presult/text join "Connecting host " [pinfo1/text newline] show presult commande: join "ping " ["-" countos " " pinfo2/text " " pinfo1/text] if os = "MacOSX" [wait 0.01] ; call external call call/output commande buffer append presult/text buffer ; for Unices OS n: to-integer length? buffer if n = 0 [append presult/text "Network Error"] show presult ] PingView: layout [ backcolor silver across origin 0x0 space 5x0 at 5x5 lbl left "Host" pinfo1: field 150 to-string host_address 10x40 lbl "Counts" left pinfo2: field 50 "2" btn "Ping" [ping] space 0X0 at 5x40 presult: area 490x180 wrap psl: slider 16x180 [scroll-para presult psl] ] ; Netstat tools NetStat: does [ buffer: copy "" clear nsresult/text nsresult/line-list: none append nsresult/text join "Be patient! Connecting host " newline show nsresult switch option [ 1 [commande: "netstat -a"] 2 [commande: "netstat -r"] 3 [commande: "netstat -s"] ] if os = "MacOSX" [wait 0.01] ; call external call call/output commande buffer append nsresult/text buffer show nsresult ] NetStatView: layout [ backcolor silver across origin 0x0 space 5x0 at 5x5 lbl "Display " nsrot: text-list 300x50 "All Information" "Routing Tables" "Protocol Statistics" [option: to-integer face/cnt] btn "Statistics" [NetStat] space 0x0 at 5x60 nsresult: area 490x180 nssl: slider 16x180 [scroll-para nsresult nssl] ] option: 1 deflag-face nsresult tabbed p1/pane: hostview update-panel p1 tmp: Get_Interfaces if tmp > 0 [Get_Informations 1] view center-face MainWin
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage