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rebol [ title: "mytext" author: "Robert Paluch (BobikCZ)" copyright: "Free" name: "Text field(style) with dynamical changing of font size" date: 1-aug-2011 purpose: { Text style which dynamically changes font-size in order to fit string to widget size } file: %mytext.r ] stylize/master [ mytext: text with [ para/wrap?: false ;;we need unwrap feel: make feel [ redraw: func [face action pos] [ strsz: first size-text face ;; string size in field flsz: first face/size ;; text style size ;;print [strsz flsz] while [all [strsz > flsz face/font/size > 10 ]] [ face/font/size: face/font/size - 1 ;;decrease font size strsz: first size-text face flsz: first face/size ];;end of while ];;end of redraw ];;end of feel ];;end of mytext ];;end of stylize ;;example for Condic :-) view layout [ t: mytext 100x30 font-size 20 "ABCDEEF" btn "add text" [ append t/text copy "X" show t ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage