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REBOL [ Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [package] domain: [vid] tested-under: "win2k" support: none license: 'gpl see-also: none ] File: %mdp-gui-package.r Title: "MDP-GUI Package" Author: "Alphé SALAS-SCHUMANN (ShadWolf)" Date: 30/03/2005 Skype: "shadwolf" Email: "%shadwolf--free--fr" Version: "1.4.1" purpose: "Graphical interface for make-doc-pro 1.0.8 allowing easy doc making/viewing" ThankU: "DideC, RebProtizer, Ashley, All beta testers and all idea suppliers" ChangeLog: [ {MDP-GUI in it's newer version 1.4.1 available in this site too has been completly renewed} { Download instructions: open a rebol/view console copy paste do In repack software do those steps: 1) Click "refresh" button in the down left corner 2) Select in the left list "MDP-GUI-PACKAGE.r" 3) Change the download target directory to feet your favorite location 4) Verify all files are selected 5) scroll the file list down and click on the "download" button That's all folks... } ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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