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REBOL [ Title: "LRWP interface to Xitami" Date: 4-Oct-2001/13:01:29+2:00 Version: 1.0.0 File: %lrwp.r Author: "Maarten Koopmans" Purpose: {LRWP is a FastCGI like interface for Xitami. This implementation is provided by Robert Muench and Maarten Koopmans. Enjoy....} Email: %m--koopmans2--chello--nl library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: none type: none domain: [cgi tcp web] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] lrwp: context [ ;---------------- ; Special values ;---------------- xitami-endl: make char! 255 ; Connection to Xitami web-server is unbuffered xitami-port: open/direct lrwp-agent-url set-modes xitami-port [ keep-alive: true ] hex-decode: func [val [string!]] [ replace/all val "%40" "@" replace/all val "%20" " " return val ] register-peer: func [peer-name] [ ; Build startup string xitami-startup: rejoin [peer-name xitami-endl xitami-endl ] ; Send startup string to the web-server print "Sending startup-string" insert xitami-port xitami-startup ; read answer reply: make string! 256 read-io xitami-port reply 256 ; and check if everything went OK either (length? reply) <> 2 [ print "Can't connect to Xitami Web-Server" halt ] [ print rejoin ["Connected to " lrwp-agent-url] ] ] wait-for-action: has [ get-data reply size data variables post post-size nv-pair new-words ] [ wait xitami-port ; Wait for web-server to give us something to do, read in the size (0 padded 9 digit number) ; of the string Xitami is going to send us and convert it to an integer ;Initialize in case ther is no data new-words: copy [] variables: copy [] ; read-io xitami-port reply reply: copy/part xitami-port 9 size: to-integer reply if size > 0 [ ; now read the environment information all at once and remove the seperators data: copy/part xitami-port size get-data: copy {} ; split the information, only extract the GET data (if any) parse/all data [ thru "QUERY_STRING=" copy get-data to "^@CGI_URL" ] variables: copy parse/all get-data "&" ;Re-initialize for the if / foreach context!!! Bug? new-words: copy [] ; and introduce a variable into Rebol script foreach variable variables [ ; filter zero content if (length? variable) <> 0 [ ; parse name pair value and introduce a new variable nv-pair: copy parse variable "=" append new-words to-set-word nv-pair/1 append new-words hex-decode nv-pair/2 ] ] ] ; Do we have post data? Again given as 0 padded 9 digit number clear reply reply: copy/part xitami-port 9 post-size: to-integer reply if post-size > 0 [ post: copy/part xitami-port post-size variables: copy parse/all post "&" ;Re-initialize for the if / foreach context!!! Bug? new-words: copy [] foreach variable variables [ if (length? variable) <> 0 [ nv-pair: copy parse variable "=" append new-words to-set-word nv-pair/1 append new-words hex-decode either nv-pair/2 [ nv-pair/2] [copy {}] ] ] ] ;Put all data in an object, ctx-data return new-words ] padd-number: func [value] [ text: to-string value insert/dup text "0" (9 - length? text) return text ] respond: func [text] [ ; send an answer to the server write-io xitami-port padd-number length? text 9 write-io xitami-port text length? text ] ] ;The sample: ;The Xitami lrwp agent url ;lrwp-agent-url: tcp://localhost:81 ;Register the process for the app "sometest" ;lrwp/register-peer "sometest" ;Get the data ;cgi-data: lrwp/wait-for-action ;cgi-data now contains a block of values that you can use, posted or ;getted, you don't care ;for example make object! cgi-data ;print your result out using ;lrwp/respond my-content
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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