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REBOL [ File: %log4reb.r Date: 16-Feb-2006 Title: "Logging Framework For Rebol" Purpose: {Logging within the context of program development constitutes inserting statements into the program that provide some kind of output information that is useful to the developer. Examples of logging are trace statements, dumping of structures and the familiar 'prin or 'print debug statements. log4reb offers a hierarchical way to insert logging statements within a Rebol program. Multiple output formats and multiple levels of logging information are available. By using log4reb, the overhead of maintaining thousands of 'print statements is alleviated as the logging may be controlled at runtime from configuration scripts. log4reb maintains the log statements in the shipped code. By formalising the process of logging, some feel that one is encouraged to use logging more and with higher degree of usefulness.} Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: 'tool Domain: [debug testing] Tested-under: none Support: none License: 'gpl see-also: none ] Version: 2.0.6 Author: "Francois Vanzeveren" History: [ 0.0.1 [21-Nov-2003 "Created this file" "Francois"] 0.0.2 [23-Nov-2003 {Modified implementation. The previous one could not properly handle applications made of several modules/scripts. I therefore change the way it works.} "Francois"] 0.0.3 [27-Nov-2003 "Added /msg and /data refinements to specify the message and the data to log" "Francois"] 0.0.4 [30-Nov-2003 { + 'log function made global. + Fixed and improved error logging } "Francois"] 1.0.0 [1-Dec-2003 "First Public Release." "Francois"] 1.1.0 [29-Dec-2003 {BUG FIX: an error occured when logging a block with words without meaning. Blocks are reduced using 'remold before being included in the error message. This triggered an error on blocks with words without meaning. On such blocks, 'mold is now applied rather than 'remold } "Francois"] 2.0.0 [19-Sep-2004 {The framework has been enhanced and extended to handle appenders and layouts. New appenders and layouts can be easily added to the log4reb framework. Implemented appenders: + console-appender + file-appender Implemented layout: + pattern-layout } "Francois"] 2.0.1 [20-Sep-2004 {The level argument of the 'log function has been replaced by refinements for clarity purpose. The available refinements are /debug /info /warn /error /fatal} "Francois" ] 2.0.2 [3-Jul-2005 "Rebol header modified to comply with standards" "Francois"] 2.0.3 [27-Jul-2005 {BUG Fix: local variable 'the-msg of 'log function holds a series and the problem described at occured.} "Francois"] 2.0.4 [28-Jul-2005 "Error formatting improved." "Francois"] 2.0.5 [21-Aug-2005 {'init-log4reb can now be called mutiple times without overriding existing loggers, appenders and layouts.} "Francois"] 2.0.6 [16-Feb-2006 {New /override refinement to override existing loggers, appenders and layouts.} "Francois"] ] ] log4reb: context [ comment { Possible levels: 'off The 'off has the highest possible rank and is intended to turn off logging. 'fatal The 'fatal level designates very severe error events that will presumably lead the application to abort. 'error The 'error level designates error events that might still allow the application to continue running. 'warn The 'warn level designates potentially harmful situations. 'info The 'info level designates informational messages that highlight the progress of the application at coarse-grained level. 'debug The 'debug Level designates fine-grained informational events that are most useful to debug an application. 'all The 'all has the lowest possible rank and is intended to turn on all logging. } _levels: make block! [off 6 fatal 5 error 4 warn 3 info 2 debug 1 all 0] _level-labels: make block! [fatal "FATAL" error "ERROR" warn "WARN" info "INFO" debug "DEBUG"] _loggers: none _appenders: none _layouts: none ; Skeleton of a logger logger!: make object! [ name: threshold: appenders: level: none log: func [usr-msg [string!] /local app] [ forall appenders [ app: select _appenders first appenders app/append usr-msg self ] appenders: head appenders ] ] ; ******************************* APPENDERS ******************************* ; Skeleton of an appender: appender!: make object! [ name: layout: logger: none ] console-appender!: make appender! [ append: func [usr-msg [string!] the-logger [object!] /local msg lay ] [ logger: the-logger lay: select _layouts layout msg: lay/format usr-msg self print msg ] ] file-appender!: make appender! [ out: none append: func [usr-msg [string!] the-logger [object!] /local msg lay path target ] [ logger: the-logger lay: select _layouts layout msg: lay/format usr-msg self do get in system/words 'append msg newline set [path target] split-path out if not exists? path [make-dir/deep path] attempt [write/append out msg] ] ] ; ******************************** LAYOUTS ******************************** ;===================================== ; Pattern Layout ; --------------- ; %c logger name ; %d\\dd MMM yyyy HH:MM:ss,SSS\\ Date ; %m user-defined message ; %p Level ; %r Milliseconds since program start ; NOT YET IMPLEMENTED ; %% individual percentage sign ;===================================== pattern-layout!: make object! [ name: none pattern: none format: func [usr-msg [string!] appender [object!] /local msg begin ending date-format nnow begin2 ending2 tmp ] [ msg: copy pattern parse/all msg [ any [ begin: "%c" ending: ( change/part begin appender/logger/name ending ) :begin | begin: "%d\\" copy date-format to "\\" ( nnow: now/precise parse/all date-format [ any [ begin2: "dd" ending2: ( change/part begin2 nnow/day ending2 ) :begin2 | begin2: "MMM" ending2: ( change/part begin2 nnow/month ending2 ) :begin2 | begin2: "yyyy" ending2: ( change/part begin2 nnow/year ending2 ) :begin2 | begin2: "HH" ending2: ( change/part begin2 nnow/time/hour ending2 ) :begin2 | begin2: "MM" ending2: ( change/part begin2 nnow/time/minute ending2 ) :begin2 | begin2: "SSS" ending2: ( tmp: nnow/time/second tmp: copy/part next find to-string subtract tmp to-integer tmp "." 6 change/part begin2 tmp ending2 ) :begin2 | begin2: "ss" ending2: ( change/part begin2 to-integer nnow/time/second ending2 ) :begin2 | skip ]] ) thru "\\" ending: (change/part begin date-format ending) :begin | begin: "%m" ending: (change/part begin usr-msg ending) :begin | begin: "%p" ending: ( change/part begin select _level-labels appender/logger/level ending ) :begin | begin: "%%" ending: (change/part begin "%" ending) :begin | skip ] ] msg ] ] set 'init-log4reb func [ the-loggers [block!] the-appenders [block!] the-layouts [block!] /override "Overrides existing configuration." /local obj ] [ if any [override none? _loggers] [_loggers: make hash! []] if any [override none? _appenders] [_appenders: make hash! []] if any [override none? _layouts] [_layouts: make hash! []] foreach [name args] the-loggers [ obj: make logger! args obj/name: name repend _loggers [name obj] ] foreach [name appender-type args] the-appenders [ obj: make get in log4reb appender-type args obj/name: name repend _appenders [name obj] ] foreach [name layout-type args] the-layouts [ obj: make get in log4reb layout-type args obj/name: name repend _layouts [name obj] ] ] set 'log function [ name [string! file! url! word!] /debug /info /warn /error /fatal /msg the-msg [string!] /data the-data [any-type!] ] [error-str tmp-block logger level] [ level: select reduce [debug 'debug info 'info warn 'warn error 'error fatal 'fatal] true logger: select _loggers name logger/level: level if lesser-or-equal? select _levels logger/threshold select _levels level [ ; To avoid the side effect of local variables that hold series ; as described at either msg [the-msg: copy the-msg] [the-msg: copy ""] trim/lines the-msg if error? the-data [ tmp-block: make block! [] error-str: rejoin [ "** " get in get in system/error get in disarm the-data 'type 'type ": " reform bind append tmp-block get in get in system/error get in disarm the-data 'type get in disarm the-data 'id in disarm the-data 'arg1 " - Near: " mold get in disarm the-data 'near " **" ] ] if data [ append the-msg join " " trim/lines either error? the-data [error-str] [ use [tmp] [ if error? tmp: try [remold the-data] [ tmp: mold the-data ] tmp ] ] ] logger/log the-msg ] ] attempt: func [ {Tries to evaluate and returns result or NONE on error.} value ][ if not error? set/any 'value try :value [get/any 'value] ] ] ; The following is a skeleton for the properties file. ; Copy this to a seperate file and adapt it to your needs. ; Then you do: ; do %log4reb.r ; do ; if you called the properties file comment { use [ loggers appenders layouts] [ ; <logger name> <constructor arguments> loggers: make block! [ logger1 [threshold: 'all appenders: [console-app file-app1]] logger2 [threshold: 'debug appenders: [file-app2 file-app3]] logger3 [threshold: 'info appenders: [file-app3]] logger4 [threshold: 'warn appenders: [file-app4 file-app5]] logger5 [threshold: 'error appenders: [file-app5 file-app6]] logger6 [threshold: 'fatal appenders: [console-app file-app1 file-app5]] logger7 [threshold: 'off appenders: [file-app6 file-app2 file-app4]] ] ; <appender name> <appender type> <constructor arguments> appenders: make block! [ console-app console-appender! [layout: 'short] file-app1 file-appender! [layout: 'long out: %file1.log] file-app2 file-appender! [layout: 'long out: %file2.log] file-app3 file-appender! [layout: 'long out: %file3.log] file-app4 file-appender! [layout: 'long out: %file3.log] file-app5 file-appender! [layout: 'long out: %file2.log] file-app6 file-appender! [layout: 'long out: %file1.log] ] ; <layout name> <layout type> <constructor arguments> layouts: make block! [ short pattern-layout! [pattern: "[%c] Signe Pourcent:%% - %m."] long pattern-layout! [pattern: "[%c] The exact time: %d\\dd-MMM-yyyy @ HH:MM:ss,SSS\\ - %p - %m."] ] init-log4reb loggers appenders layouts ] }
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage