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REBOL [ title: "List Widget Example" file: %list-widget-example.r date: 8-jul-2010 author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { This examples demonstrates how to use REBOL's native GUI list widget to manage a grid of data values. Columns can be sorted by clicking the headers. Individual values at any column/row position can be edited by the user (just click the current value). Entire rows can be added, removed, or moved to/from user-selected positions. The data block can be saved or loaded to/from file(s). Scrolling can be done with the mouse, arrow keys, or page-up/ page-down keys. Several resizing concepts are also demonstrated. } ] x: copy [] random/seed now/time ; generate 5000 rows of random data: repeat i 5000 [ append/only x reduce [random "asdfqwertyiop" form random 1000 form i] ] y: copy x Alert {Be sure to try the following features: 1) Resize the GUI window to see the list automatically adjust to fit 2) Click column headers to sort by field 3) Use the arrow keys and page-up/page-down keys to scroll 4) Use the Insert, Delete and "M" keys to add, remove and move rows (at the currently highlighted row) 5) Click the small "r" header button in the top right corner to reset the list back to its original values 6) Click any individual data cell to edit the selected value.} sort-column: func [field] [ either sort-order: not sort-order [ sort/compare x func [a b] [(at a field) > (at b field)] ] [ sort/compare x func [a b] [(at a field) < (at b field)] ] show li ] key-scroll: func [scroll-amount] [ s-pos: s-pos + scroll-amount if s-pos > (length? x) [s-pos: length? x] if s-pos < 0 [s-pos: 0] sl/data: s-pos / (length? x) show li show sl ] resize-grid: func [percentage] [ gui-size: system/view/screen-face/pane/1/size ; - 10x0 list-size/1: list-size/1 * percentage list-size/2: gui-size/2 - 95 t-size: round (list-size/1 / 3) sl-size: as-pair 16 list-size/2 unview/only gui view/options center-face layout gui-block [resize] ] resize-fit: does [ gui-size: system/view/screen-face/pane/1/size resize-grid (gui-size/1 / list-size/1 - .1) ] insert-event-func [either event/type = 'resize [resize-fit none] [event]] gui-size: system/view/screen-face/size - 0x50 list-size: gui-size - 60x95 sl-size: as-pair 16 list-size/2 t-size: round (list-size/1 / 3) s-pos: 0 sort-order: true ovr-cnt: none svv/vid-face/color: white view/options center-face gui: layout gui-block: [ size gui-size across btn "Smaller" [resize-grid .75] btn "Bigger" [resize-grid 1.3333] btn "Fit" [resize-fit] btn #"^~" "Remove" [attempt [ indx: to-integer request-text/title/default "Row to remove:" form ovr-cnt if indx = 0 [return] if true <> request rejoin ["Remove: " pick x indx "?"] [return] remove (at x indx) show li ]] insert-btn: btn "Add" [attempt [ indx: to-integer request-text/title/default "Add values at row #:" form ovr-cnt if indx = 0 [return] new-values: reduce [ request-text request-text (form ((length? x) + 1)) ] insert/only (at x indx) new-values show li ]] btn #"m" "Move" [ old-indx: to-integer request-text/title/default "Move from row #:" form ovr-cnt new-indx: to-integer request-text/title "Move to row #:" if ((new-indx = 0) or (old-indx = 0)) [return] if true <> request rejoin ["Move: " pick x old-indx "?"] [return] move/to (at x old-indx) new-indx show li ] btn "Save" [save to-file request-file/save x] btn "Load" [y: copy x: copy load request-file/only show li] btn "View Data" [editor x] return space 0x0 style header button as-pair t-size 20 black white bold header "Random Text" [sort-column 1] header "Random Number" [sort-column 2] header "Unique Key" [sort-column 3] button black "r" 17x20 [if true = request "Reset?"[x: copy y show li]] return li: list list-size [ style cell text t-size feel [ over: func [f o] [ if all [o ovr-cnt <> f/data] [ovr-cnt: f/data show li] ] engage: func [f a e] [ if a = 'up [ f/text: request-text/default f/text show li ] ] ] across space 0x0 col1: cell blue col2: cell col3: cell red ] supply [ either even? count [face/color: white] [face/color: 240.240.255] count: count + s-pos if none? q: pick x count [face/text: copy "" exit] if ovr-cnt = count [face/color: 200.200.255] face/data: count face/text: pick q index ] sl: scroller sl-size [s-pos: (length? x) * value show li] key keycode [up] [key-scroll -1] key keycode [down] [key-scroll 1] key keycode [page-up] [key-scroll -20] key keycode [page-down] [key-scroll 20] key keycode [insert] [do-face insert-btn 1] ] [resize]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage