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REBOL [ Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: 'tool domain: [math scientific] tested-under: none support: none license: 'lgpl see-also: none ] Title: "linear-interp" Description: "Linearly interpolate between two numbers" Date: 2006-11-08 Version: 0.0.1 Author: "Glenn M. Lewis" File: %linear-interp.r Purpose: {Linearly interpolate between two numbers} License: "GNU Lesser General Public License (Version 2.1)" Comment: {Makes it easy to transform a source from/to pair to a destination from/to pair} ] linterp: func [ "Linearly interpolates from start to end, given an input from 0..1." val [decimal!] "Val must run from 0..1" start [number!] "When val==0.0, output==start" end [number!] "When val==1.0, output==end" ] [ ((1.0 - val) * start) + (val * end) ] linear-interp: func [ "Linearly interpolates from outStart to outEnd, given an input from inStart to inEnd." val [number!] "Val must run from inStart to inEnd" inStart [number!] "When val==inStart, output==outStart" inEnd [number!] "When val==inEnd, output==outEnd" outStart [number!] "When val==inStart, output==outStart" outEnd [number!] "When val==inEnd, output==outEnd" /local diff newval ] [ if (inStart == inEnd) [ return 0.0 ] diff: to-decimal (inEnd - inStart) newval: ((val - inStart) / diff) linterp newval outStart outEnd ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage