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REBOL [ Title: "Library Interface Dialect" File: %lib-dialect.r Date: 14-Apr-2006 Author: "Gregg Irwin" Purpose: { Allow for a more concise way to define library routine interfaces. } library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [function dialect] domain: [external-library win-api] tested-under: [Windows] support: none license: 'BSD see-also: none ] ] lib-dialect-ctx: context [ ; lib-ctx: make object! [file: lib: none free: does [free lib]] ; lib-spec: none lib: none def-rtn-type: none name-mods: copy [] mod-name: func [name] [do join name-mods name] ; dump/trace option to show generated code? ;has-rtn-type?: does [all [rtn-type 'none <> rtn-type]] ; lib is a global word reference in this func. make-dll-func: func [reb-name spec rtn-type name] [ spec: copy any [spec []] if all [rtn-type 'none <> rtn-type] [ append spec compose/deep [return: [(rtn-type)]] ] ;print ['make-dll-func reb-name mold spec rtn-type mold mod-name any [name form reb-name]] set reb-name make routine! spec lib mod-name any [name form reb-name] ] data-type: [ 'none | 'char | 'short | 'long | 'integer! | 'string! | 'decimal! ; TBD add struct support ? ] func-decl: [ (spec: name: none rtn-type: def-rtn-type) set reb-name word! ;(print reb-name) any [ [set spec block!] ;(print mold spec) | [opt ['returns | 'as] set rtn-type data-type] ;(print rtn-type) | [opt 'calls set name string!] ;(print name) ] (make-dll-func reb-name spec rtn-type name) ] ; You can use this multiple times, e.g. grouping functions by return ; type and using it before each group. set-def-rtn-type: [ opt 'set ['def-rtn-type | 'default-return-type] set def-rtn-type data-type ] rules: [ ['lib | 'library] set file file! (lib: load/library file) ;append lib-spec compose [file: (file)] opt [ ['modify-import-names | 'mod-imports] set name-mods block! ] any [set-def-rtn-type | func-decl] ] set 'make-routines func [spec [any-block!]] [ clear name-mods parse spec rules ] ; set 'make-library-interface func [spec] [ ; lib-spec: copy [] ; clear name-mods ; parse spec rules ; ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage