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REBOL [ Title: "Make And Print A CD Label" Date: 07-01-2007 File: %label-and-print.r Author: R. v.d.Zee Owner: "R. v.d.Zee" Rights: "Copyright (C) R. v.d.Zee 2008" Purpose: { This script illustrates how CD labels may be drawn and printed with REBOL and illustrates how REBOL output may be printed when incorporated into an HTML page. } Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [demo how-to] domain: [graphics printing text] support: none tested-under: [View [Windows]] license: none see-also: [%pdf-labels.r %bestfit.r] ] Note: { Vectorial text of the Draw dialect is used for the CD label title. The vector points to bend the text around the label are determined with the Pythagorean Theorem. The drawn layout of the label is presented in the GUI. The layout may be saved as a PNG image. The script can incorporate this image into an HTML page. The HTML page includes Javascript's onload command and print function. So the script calls the PC's browser, which loads the HTML page. The Javascript in HTML page causes the page to be printed when the page is loaded. Finally, %label-and-print.r deletes the HTML page with the "Quit" button. Other scripts that may be of interest: - %pdf-labels.r, a script by Gregg Irwin for making 3x10 labels from an 8.5x11 PDF document. - %bestfit.r, a script by Mauro Fontana to list the files that best fill up the available disc space. This script is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non infringement. In no event shall the author or copyright holder(s) be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other dealings in this script. } ] either exists? %all-cds.txt [ all-cds: load %all-cds.txt last-number: first all-cds ][ all-cds: make block! 50 last-number: 0 ] start-sketch: [ font bold32 line-width 1 pen silver text vectorial ] label-maker: func [title-string][ radius: 228 - 32 center: 300x300 x: 80 circumference: 2 * pi * radius intervals: round circumference / 32 points: make block! intervals loop intervals [ radius-squared: radius * radius side: center/x - x side-squared: side * side y: center/y - round square-root absolute radius-squared - side-squared if y > 300 [y: 300] append points as-pair x y x: x + 10 ] do rejoin ["points/" (length? points) "/x: points/" (length? points) "/x - 3"] do rejoin ["points/" (length? points) "/y: points/" (length? points) "/y + 3"] characters: (length? title-string) if characters > 28 [title-string: copy/part title-string 28 characters: 28] loops: (18 - round (.5 * characters)) loop loops [insert title-string " "] bold32: make face/font [style: 'bold size: 32 name: font-fixed] label-sketch: copy start-sketch ;copy start-sketch for a new sketch to prevent overwriting the title append label-sketch rejoin [points title-string] append label-sketch [line-width 2 circle center 223] append label-sketch [line-width 1 circle center 38] ] file-saved?: false label: layout [ size 600x600 origin 0x0 title-box: box 600x600 white effect [draw label-sketch] origin 250x140 sequence-info: info 100x40 font-size 25 center middle font-size 15 with [edge: none] ] controls: layout [ size 600x650 backdrop effect [ gradient 0x1 255.255.255 190.190.190 draw [ pen none fill-pen linear 47x913 0 146 186 4 2 box 0x0 600x650 pen none fill-pen conic 911x932 0 186 235 3 7 box 0x0 600x650 pen none fill-pen cubic -116x-136 0 267 302 4 9 box 0x0 600x650 ] ] origin 0x0 label-box: box 600x600 across indent 200 title-input: field effect [gradient 139.123.107 126.94.58] font-size 15 250 [ title: copy face/text new-cd-number: last-number + 1 sequence-info/text: new-cd-number label-maker copy title-input/text label-box/pane: label show label-box ] btn "Save" [ insert all-cds title insert all-cds new-cd-number save %all-cds.txt all-cds file-saved?: true save/png to-file join title %.png to-image label last-number: new-cd-number ] btn "Print" [ either file-saved? [ file-saved?: false start-page: [ <htmL> <head> <script language="Javascript1.2">{ function printpage() ^{ window.print() ^}} </script> </head> <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" topmargin=20 onload="printpage()"> ] print-page: copy start-page replace/all title " " " " append print-page to-tag rejoin ["img src = " title ".png"] append print-page [ </body> </html> ] write %printer-page.html print-page browse %printer-page.html clear title clear print-page either exists? %all-cds.txt [ all-cds: load %all-cds.txt last-number: first all-cds ][ all-cds: make block! 50 last-number: 0 ] hide label-box clear title-input/text focus title-input ][ alert "Save Label Before Printing" ] ] btn "Quit" [if exists? %printer-page.html [delete %printer-page.html] quit] ] label-box/show?: false label-box/pane: label label/offset: 0x0 focus title-input view controls
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage