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REBOL [ Title: "Intercom (Voice Communicator)" date: 7-nov-2009 file: %intercom.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { A walkie-talkie push-to-talk type of VOIP application. Extremely simple - just records sound from mic to .wav file, then transfers the wave file to another IP (where the same program is running), for playback. Sender and receiver open in separate processes, and both run in forever loops to enable continuous communication back and forth. (Can be run hands free by removing the the two "Ask" lines and uncommenting the "wait 2" comment, in the second forever loop). Taken from the tutorial at } ] write %wt-receiver.r { REBOL [] ; print join "Listening at " read join dns:// read dns:// ; (show IP) if error? try [port: first wait open/binary/no-wait tcp://:8] [quit] wait 0 speakers: open sound:// forever [ if error? try [mark: find wav: copy wait port #""] [quit] i: to-integer to-string copy/part wav mark while [i > length? remove/part wav next mark] [append wav port] insert speakers load to-binary decompress wav ] } launch %wt-receiver.r lib: load/library %winmm.dll mciExecute: make routine! [c [string!] return: [logic!]] lib "mciExecute" if (ip: ask "Connect to IP (none = localhost): ") = "" [ip: "localhost"] if error? try [port: open/binary/no-wait rejoin [tcp:// ip ":8"]] [quit] mciExecute "open new type waveaudio alias buffer1" forever [ if (ask "^lPress [ENTER] to send sound ('q' to quit): ") = "q" [quit] mciExecute "record buffer1" ; wait 2 ; for handsfree, remove ASKs ask "^l*** YOU ARE NOW RECORDING SOUND *** Press [ENTER] to send: " mciExecute "save buffer1 r" mciExecute "delete buffer1 from 0" insert wav: compress to-string read/binary %r join l: length? wav #"" insert port wav ; if l > 6000 [insert port wav] ; handsfree squelch ] { Just for fun, here's an ultra compact obfuscated version. It features port error handling, automatic localhost testing (just press [ENTER] to use localhost as the IP address), hands-free operation, audio data compression before send and decompress on receive, and automatic minimum volume testing (squelch - data not sent unless a given volume is detected, to save bandwidth). It can be pasted directly into the REBOL console, or saved to a file and run. The file size is 667 bytes! REBOL[]do[write %w{REBOL[]if error? try[p: first wait open/binary/no-wait tcp://:8][quit]wait 0 s: open sound:// forever[if error? try[m: find v: copy wait p #""][quit]i: to-integer to-string copy/part v m while[i > length? remove/part v next m][append v p]insert s load to-binary decompress v]}launch %w b: load/library %winmm.dll x: make routine![c[ string!]return:[logic!]]b"mciExecute"if(i: ask"IP:")=""[i:"localhost"]if error? try[p: open/binary/no-wait rejoin[tcp:// i":8"]][quit]x "open new type waveaudio alias b"forever[x"record b"wait 2 x"save b r"x "delete b from 0"insert v: compress to-string read/binary %r join l: length? v #""if l > 4000[insert p v]]] }
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage