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REBOL [ Title: "Load-ini" Date: 9-Apr-2002 Version: 0.0.3 File: %ini.r Author: "oldes" Purpose: "Tries to load ini-structured file to Rebol" Email: %oliva--david--seznam--cz note: {This is just simple version that doesn't work with more complex files containing multiline strings or arrays!} library: [ level: none platform: none type: 'tool domain: 'DB tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] load-ini: func[ "Tries to load ini-structured file to Rebol" ini-file [file! string! url!] "File to parse" /local _sp _allchars _space _comm _section _property data tmp section property value new-sect ][ _sp: charset [#" " #"^-"] _allchars: complement charset [#"^/" #"="] _space: [some _sp] _comm: [ opt _space [#"#" | #";"] copy comm [to newline | to end] (if none? comm [comm: ""]) ] _blankline: [ opt _space opt _comm newline] _section: [opt newline opt _space #"[" copy newsection to #"]" skip opt _space] _property: [opt newline opt _space copy property to #"=" skip copy value [to newline | end] ] data: make block! [] tmp: make block! [] section: value: none if not string? ini-file [ini-file: read ini-file] new-sect: func[][ if section <> none [ repend data [section copy tmp] ] clear tmp ] parse ini-file [ some [ _comm ;(print ["comm:" comm]) | _blankline | _section ( new-sect section: copy newsection error? try [section: to-word section] ;probe section ) | _property ( value: either none? value [none][ value: trim value error? try [if not empty? value [value: load value]] value ] property: trim/tail property error? try [property: to-word property] ;print ["pr:" tab property "=" value] repend tmp [property value] value: none ) ] (new-sect) ] data ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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