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REBOL [ Title: "Iconic Image Browser" Date: 3-Dec-2012 Version: 2.1.1 File: %icon-browse2.r Author: ["Massimiliano Vessi" "Carl Sassenrath"] Purpose: {Browse a directory of images using a scrolling list of icons. } library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: [all] type: [tool] domain: [GUI] tested-under: [windows linux] support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] ;-- Read directory, find image files: newset: func [] [ flash "Creating thumbnail..." files: copy [] foreach item (read %.) [ if find [ %.bmp %.jpg %.gif %.png ] (suffix? item) [ append files item ] ] temp: copy [] foreach item files [ append temp compose [icon (load item) (to-string item) [ imageb/image: copy face/pane/image image-name/text: face/text show [imageb image-name] ] ] ] temp: layout/tight temp unview ] ;-- Create icons from images: newset ;global resize function: insert-event-func [ either event/type = 'resize [ ;resize all widgets wih one line: ;print imageb/parent-face/size/y icon-list/size/y: sc/size/y: imageb/size/y: imageb/parent-face/size/y - 120 imageb/size/x: imageb/parent-face/size/x - 140 show [icon-list sc imageb] none ; return this value when you don't want to do anything else with the event. ][ event ; return this value if the specified event is not found ] ] ;-- Main display: view/options layout [ title reform ["REBOL" system/script/header/title system/script/header/version] across button "Change dir..." [ change-dir request-dir newset icon-list/pane: temp sc/data: 0 show [icon-list sc] ] toggle "fit" "aspect" [either face/state [ imageb/effect: 'aspect] [imageb/effect: 'fit] show imageb] image-name: text 280 return icon-list: box 70x400 edge [size: 1x1]with [pane: temp] sc: slider 15x400 [ delta: abs ( icon-list/size/y - temp/size/y) icon-list/pane/offset: as-pair 0 (-1 * face/data * delta) show icon-list ] imageb: box 400x400 main-color ] [resize]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage