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Rebol [ Author: "Gordon Raboud" File: %hide-email-addresses.r Date: 3-June-2005 Title: "Hide E-Mail Addresses by using Javascript" Purpose: {This will take a web page and find all the "mailto:%aaa--bbb" and convert the addresses to variables for use in Javascript. This effectively 'hides' the addressess from webbot e-mail address harvesters. Note: This script expects the opening tag (<a href="mailto:...">) and the closing tag (</a>) to be on one or at most two lines. } Library: [ Level: 'beginner Platform: [all] Type: [tool] Domain: 'text Tested-under: 'W2K Support: none License: none ] Version: 1.0 ] QtStr: to-char 34 SearchStr: join "<a href=" [QtStr "Mailto:"] FileName: Request-file/title/filter "Please select INPUT file to process" "Okay" [*.php *.html *.htm] If none? Filename [quit] FileName: to-file FileName OutFile: Request-file/title/filter "Please select OUTPUT filename" "Okay" [*.php *.html *.htm] If none? OutFile [quit] OutFile: to-file OutFile Open/new OutFile WebPageText: read/lines Filename Forall WebPageText [ SearchLine: first WebPageText MailToPos: find SearchLine SearchStr If/else MailToPos [ CloseTag: find SearchLine "</a>" If not CloseTag [ WebPageText: next WebPageText SearchLine: join SearchLine [first WebPageText] ] SearchLine: join SearchLine ["~~~~"] parse/all SearchLine [copy IndentStr some " " copy FirstPart to SearchStr SearchStr copy MTName to "@" "@" copy MTDomain to "." "." copy MTExt to QtStr thru ">" copy VisibleName to "</a>" "</a>" copy LastPart to "~~~~" ] FirstPart: join IndentStr [FirstPart] Write/append/lines OutFile FirstPart print join MTName ["@" MTDomain "." MTExt " - " VisibleName] NewMailTo: join IndentStr ["<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=" QtStr "javascript" QTStr " type=" QTStr "text/JavaScript" QtStr ">" newline IndentStr " var first = 'ma'; var second = 'il'; var third = 'to:';" newline IndentStr " var address = '" MTName "'; var domain = '" MTDomain "'; var ext = '" MTExt "';" newline IndentStr " document.write('<a href=" QtStr "%'+first+second+third+address+'--');" newline IndentStr " document.write(domain+'.'+ext+'" QtStr ">'+'" VisibleName "</a>');" newline IndentStr " </script>" ] Write/append OutFile NewMailTo Write/append/lines OutFile LastPart ] [ Write/append/lines OutFile SearchLine ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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  • ('+first+second+third+address+':')
  • (aaa:bbb)