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rebol [ Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [tool] domain: [debug] tested-under: 'Windows support: none license: none see-also: none ] Title: "REBOL Mezzanine Functions: Help" file: %help.r date: 2006/12/01 Rights: "Copyright REBOL Technologies 1997-2002" ; You are free to use, modify, and distribute this software with any ; REBOL Technologies products as long as the above header, copyright, ; and this comment remain intact. This software is provided "as is" ; and without warranties of any kind. In no event shall the owners or ; contributors be liable for any damages of any kind, even if advised ; of the possibility of such damage. See license for more information. ; Please help us to improve this software by contributing changes and ; fixes via - Thanks! purpose: {enhance original help with a secure way of showing functions in paths of objects and ports and show information about ports similar to objects} usage: {just put "do %help.r" in your user.r file and it will be used instead of the original help} example: {help/secure system/schemes/nntp/handler/set-modes} ] help: func [ "Prints information about words and values." 'word [any-type!] /secure "do not evaluate functions in an object or port path and show just 2048 bytes of molded values" /local value args item type-name refmode types attrs rtype len inpath ][ if unset? get/any 'word [ print trim/auto { ^-^-^-To use HELP, supply a word or value as its ^-^-^-argument: ^-^-^- ^-^-^-^-help insert ^-^-^-^-help system ^-^-^-^-help system/script ^-^-^-To view all words that match a pattern use a ^-^-^-string or partial word: ^-^-^-^-help "path" ^-^-^-^-help to- ^-^-^-To see words with values of a specific datatype: ^-^-^-^-help native! ^-^-^-^-help datatype! ^-^-^-Word completion: ^-^-^-^-The command line can perform word ^-^-^-^-completion. Type a few chars and press TAB ^-^-^-^-to complete the word. If nothing happens, ^-^-^-^-there may be more than one word that ^-^-^-^-matches. Press TAB again to see choices. ^-^-^-^-Local filenames can also be completed. ^-^-^-^-Begin the filename with a %. ^-^-^-Other useful functions: ^-^-^-^-about - see general product info ^-^-^-^-usage - view program options ^-^-^-^-license - show terms of user license ^-^-^-^-source func - view source of a function ^-^-^-^-upgrade - updates your copy of REBOL ^-^-^- ^-^-^-More information: ^-^-} exit ] if all [word? :word not value? :word] [word: mold :word] if any [string? :word all [word? :word datatype? get :word]] [ types: dump-obj/match system/words :word sort types if not empty? types [ print ["Found these words:" newline types] exit ] print ["No information on" word "(word has no value)"] exit ] type-name: func [value /len] [ len: any [ all [ series? :value len: length? :value join len " item(s) " ] "" ] value: mold type? :value clear back tail value join either find "aeiou" first value ["an "] ["a "] [len value] ] if not any [word? :word path? :word] [ print [mold :word "is" type-name :word] exit ] value: either path? :word [ len: 1 if secure [ until [ value: do copy/part head :word len len: len + 1 any [ empty? word: next :word any-function? inpath: either any [object? value port? value] [ get in value first :word ] [ :value ] ] ] ] either any-function? :inpath [ print [ "^-there is a function inside an object or port" ] word: copy/part head :word len :inpath ] [ word: head :word first reduce reduce [word] ] ] [ get :word ] if not any-function? :value [ prin [uppercase mold word "is" type-name :value "of value: "] if port? :value [ value: context load find mold :value "[" ] print either object? value [print "" dump-obj value] [ either secure [copy/part mold :value 2048] [mold :value]] exit ] args: third :value prin "USAGE:^/^-" if not op? :value [prin append uppercase mold word " "] while [not tail? args] [ item: first args if :item = /local [break] if any [all [any-word? :item not set-word? :item] refinement? :item] [ prin append mold :item " " if op? :value [prin append uppercase mold word " " value: none] ] args: next args ] print "" args: head args unless any-function? :inpath [ value: get word ] print "^/DESCRIPTION:" either string? pick args 1 [ print [tab first args] args: next args ] [ print "^-(undocumented)" ] print [tab uppercase mold word "is" type-name :value "value."] if block? pick args 1 [ attrs: first args args: next args ] if tail? args [exit] while [not tail? args] [ item: first args args: next args if :item = /local [break] either not refinement? :item [ all [set-word? :item :item = to-set-word 'return block? first args rtype: first args] if none? refmode [ print "^/ARGUMENTS:" refmode: 'args ] ] [ if refmode <> 'refs [ print "^/REFINEMENTS:" refmode: 'refs ] ] either refinement? :item [ prin [tab mold item] if string? pick args 1 [prin [" --" first args] args: next args] print "" ] [ if all [any-word? :item not set-word? :item] [ if refmode = 'refs [prin tab] prin [tab :item "-- "] types: if block? pick args 1 [args: next args first back args] if string? pick args 1 [prin [first args ""] args: next args] if not types [types: 'any] prin rejoin ["(Type: " types ")"] print "" ] ] ] if rtype [print ["^/RETURNS:^/^-" rtype]] if attrs [ print "^/(SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES)" while [not tail? attrs] [ value: first attrs attrs: next attrs if any-word? value [ prin [tab value] if string? pick attrs 1 [ prin [" -- " first attrs] attrs: next attrs ] print "" ] ] ] exit ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage