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REBOL [ Title: "Full REBOL Header" Date: 29-Apr-1999 Name: 'Full-Header Version: 0.1.2 File: %headfull.r Home: Author: "Carl Sassenrath" Owner: "REBOL Headquarters" Rights: "Copyright (C) Carl Sassenrath 1997" Tabs: 4 Purpose: { Shows the optional definitions that can be used within a REBOL header. } Comment: { The purpose or general reason for the script should go above and important comments or notes about the script can go here. } History: [ 0.1.0 [5-Nov-1997 "Created this example" "Carl"] 0.1.1 [8-Nov-1997 { Moved the header up, changed comment on extending the header, added advanced user comment.} "Carl"] ] Language: 'English Email: %carl--sassenrath--com Need: 0.1.4 Charset: 'ANSI Example: "Show how to use it." library: [ level: 'beginner platform: none type: 'tool domain: none tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] print { The REBOL header identifies your script as text that can be interpreted by REBOL. It is used as the source of information for title bars, selection menus, web documents, archives, configuration, preferences, editors, and authoring systems. NOT EVERY FIELD NEEDS TO BE SUPPLIED! And, some fields, such as the date and version require certain datatypes (see docs). It is suggested that you give all scripts at least a TITLE and a DATE. Other fields can be supplied as in the example below. The fields may appear in any order, and new fields may be defined in the future. If you need to provide more than one value in a field put it in a block (but keep the field word the same): Author: ["John Smith" "Bob Able" "Ted Baker"] There is also be a way to provide your own "extended" header words, without confusing them with the "official words". This will be described in the documentation. } advanced-users: { The REBOL header is actually a MODULE object. It is translated and executed prior to the translation of the rest of your script. This means that it can provide special options to the translation process, such as alternate charsets or other yet-to-be-defined preferences. }
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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