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REBOL [ Title: "Test Dot Graphviz with com2Rebol" Date: 16-Feb-2006 File: %graphviz2rebol.r Author: "Ph. Le Goff" EMail: %lp--legoff--free--fr Version: 0.0.2 Purpose: "An example of use Graphviz with REBOL and COM objects " History: ["16-Feb-2006 - Initial" ] Purpose: { REBOL COM.interfacing with WinGraphviz } library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'windows type: [demo how-to] domain: [external-library win-api] tested-under: [view/pro on WXP] support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] {USAGE : WinGraphviz is a tool supplied by ATT, to draw directed graphs (DOT), with a basic syntax. With com2rebol.r and WinGraphviz COM object, it is possible to map Rebol and Dot files. So : 1/ it is mandatory to have com2rebol from benjamin Maggi. 2/ it is mandatory to install WinGraphviz from .cab ( 3/ have fun. } ; load com2rebol.dll library for rebol <-> Com exchange do load %com2rebol.r initDipsHelper 1 dot: createObject "" ; Note that a DOT file could be dynamically created, with DOT syntax. file: request-file/only/filter/title [ "*.dot" "*.txt" ] "GraphViz ScriptControl" "Load" either file [ str: read file][ alert "You must provide a dot file !"] dot-code: make string! str Img: retriveObject dot ".ToPNG(%s)" dot-code ; PNG file output (could be change, see Dot doc) defaut: to-local-file rejoin [file ".png"] result-png-file: to-string request-text/title/default "file path and name to file ? " defaut objectMethod Img ".save(%s)" result-png-file browse result-png-file
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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