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REBOL [ Title: "Get Windows Version" File: %get-version-ex.r Author: "Gregg Irwin" Version: 0.0.1 Date: 23-sep-2003 Purpose: { Shows how to call Windows GetVersonEx function. } library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'windows type: [function how-to] domain: [external-library win-api] tested-under: [view/pro on W2K] support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] ; The credit for this technique of dealing with fixed char arrays ; in structs belongs to Pekr and Cyphre. I just modded the idea a ; bit for my own uses. make-elements: func [name count type /local result][ if not word? type [type: type?/word type] result: copy "^/" repeat i count [ append result join name [i " [" type "]" newline] ] to block! result ] kernel.dll: load/library %kernel32.dll OSVERSIONINFOEXA: make struct! OSVERSIONINFOEXA-def: compose/deep [ dwOSVersionInfoSize [integer!] ; DWORD dwMajorVersion [integer!] ; DWORD dwMinorVersion [integer!] ; DWORD dwBuildNumber [integer!] ; DWORD dwPlatformId [integer!] ; DWORD (make-elements 'szCSDVersion 128 #"@") ; TCHAR wServicePackMajor [short] ; WORD wServicePackMinor [short] ; WORD wSuiteMask [short] ; WORD wProductType [char!] ; BYTE wReserved [char!] ; BYTE ] none OSVERSIONINFOEXA/dwOSVersionInfoSize: length? third OSVERSIONINFOEXA GetLastError: make routine! [return: [integer!]] kernel.dll "GetLastError" GetVersionEx: make routine! compose/deep/only [ lpVersionInformation [struct! (OSVERSIONINFOEXA-def)] ;LPOSVERSIONINFO return: [integer!] ;BOOL ] kernel.dll "GetVersionExA" get-version: has [res] [ res: GetVersionEx OSVERSIONINFOEXA either 0 = res [none][OSVERSIONINFOEXA] ] ; test call print either res: get-version [ [ "Major:" res/dwMajorVersion newline "Minor:" res/dwMinorVersion newline "Build:" res/dwBuildNumber newline "SP.Major:" res/wServicePackMajor newline "SP.Minor:" res/wServicePackMinor newline "Suite" mold res/wSuiteMask newline "Product" mold res/wProductType newline "Version:" to-string copy/part at third OSVERSIONINFOEXA 21 128 ] ][ ["Call failed: " GetLastError] ] free kernel.dll
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage