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REBOL [ title: "REBOL/flash Build Tool" date: 8-Apr-2010 file: %flash-build.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { A simple script to help new users experiment with editing, compiling and viewing .swf files created with REBOL/flash. It uses the built-in REBOL text editor to repeatedly run through the edit/compile/run process, so that code changes can be made quickly and easily, and the compiled results viewed immediately in the browser. Taken from the tutorial at } ] write %test.rswf { REBOL [ type: 'swf file: %shape.swf background: 230.230.230 rate: 40 size: 320x240 ] a-rectangle: Shape [ Bounds 0x0 110x50 fill-style [color 255.0.0] box 0x0 110x50 ] place [a-rectangle] at 105x100 showFrame end } ; The following folder should be set to where you keep your REBOL/flash ; project files: my-rswf-folder: %./ ; my-rswf-folder: %/C/.../rswf/ change-dir my-rswf-folder do decompress first to-block read ; do %rswf.r current-source: to-file request-file/filter/file "*.rswf" %test.rswf unset 'output-html do edit-compile-run: [ editor current-source if error? err: try [make-swf/save/html current-source] [ err: disarm :err alert reform [ "The following compile error occurred: " err/id err/where err/arg1 ] either true = request "Edit/Compile/Run Again?" [ do edit-compile-run quit ] [ quit ] ] unless value? 'output-html [ output-html: to-file request-file/filter "*.html" ] browse output-html if true = request "Edit/Compile/Run Again?" [do edit-compile-run] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage