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REBOL [ Title: "Import and Validate User Input" Author: "Christopher Ross-Gill" Date: 5-Jun-2007 Version: 0.1.1 File: %filtered-import.r Rights: {Copyright (c) 2007, Christopher Ross-Gill} Purpose: {Filters user input based upon a given spec} Home: Comment: {Extracted from the QuarterMaster web framework} History: [ 0.1.0 26-Apr-2007 chrisrg "First standalone release" 0.1.1 5-Jun-2007 chrisrg "Fixed optional value handling" ] Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [dialect function] domain: [cgi db dialects parse ui] tested-under: [Core 2.6.2 WinXP OSX] support: none license: 'cc-by-sa see-also: "" ] Notes: {} ] context [ range!: :pair! pop: func [stack [series! port!] /local val][ val: pick stack 1 remove stack :val ] envelope: func [val [any-type!]][either any-block? val [val][reduce [val]]] add-to: func [ser key val][ key: envelope key map key func [key][as word! key] if find key none! [return none] until [ ser: any [ find/tail ser key/1 insert tail ser key/1 ] key: next key switch type?/word ser/1 [ none! [unless tail? key [insert/only ser ser: copy []]] string! [change/only ser ser: envelope ser/1] block! [ser: ser/1] ] if tail? key [append ser val] ] ] get-from: func [series 'key][ key: copy envelope get key while [all [not tail? key any-block? series]][ series: select series pop key ] all [tail? key series] ] comment {[ chars-n: charset [#"0" - #"9"] ; numeric chars-la: charset [#"a" - #"z"] ; lower-alpha chars-ua: charset [#"A" - #"Z"] ; upper-alpha chars-a: union chars-la chars-ua ; alphabetic chars-an: union chars-a chars-n ; alphanumeric chars-hx: union chars-n charset [#"A" - #"F" #"a" - #"f"] ; hex chars-ud: union chars-an charset "*-._!~'," ; url decode chars-u: union chars-ud charset ":+%&=?" ; url chars-id: union chars-n union chars-la charset "-_" ; id chars-w1: union chars-a charset "*-._!+?&|" ; word-first-letter chars-w*: union chars-w1 chars-n ; word chars-f: insert copy chars-an #"-" ; file chars-p: union chars-an charset "-_!+%" ; path chars-sp: charset " ^-" ; space chars-up: charset [#"^(80)" - #"^(FF)"] ; above ascii chars: complement nochar: charset " ^-^/" ; no-space ]} chars-n: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAAAA/wMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] chars-la: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA/v//BwAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] chars-ua: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAAAAAAD+//8HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] chars-a: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAAAAAAD+//8H/v//BwAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] chars-an: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAAAA/wP+//8H/v//BwAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] chars-hx: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAAAA/wN+AAAAfgAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] chars-ud: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAIJ0/wP+//+H/v//RwAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] chars-u: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAKJ8/wf+//+H/v//RwAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] chars-id: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAAAg/wMAAACA/v//BwAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] chars-w1: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAEJsAID+//+H/v//FwAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] chars-w*: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAEJs/4P+//+H/v//FwAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] chars-f: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAAAg/wP+//8H/v//BwAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] chars-p: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAKJo/wP+//+H/v//BwAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] chars-sp: #[bitset! 64#{AAIAAAEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] chars-up: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP////////////////////8=}] chars: #[bitset! 64#{//n///7///////////////////////////////////8=}] nochar: #[bitset! 64#{AAYAAAEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] utf-2: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA/////wAAAAA=}] utf-3: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP//AAA=}] utf-4: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA/wA=}] utf-5: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA8=}] utf-b: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP//////////AAAAAAAAAAA=}] utf-8: [utf-2 1 utf-b | utf-3 2 utf-b | utf-4 3 utf-b | utf-5 4 utf-b] interpolate: func [body [string!] escapes [any-block!] /local out][ body: out: copy body parse/all body [ any [ to #"%" body: ( body: change/part body reduce any [ select/case escapes body/2 body/2 ] 2 ) :body ] ] out ] id: [chars-la 0 15 chars-id] word: [chars-w1 0 25 chars-w*] number: [integer!] integer: [opt #"-" number] masks: reduce [ issue! [some chars-u] logic! ["true" | "on" | "yes"] word! [word] url! [id #":" some [chars-u | #":" | #"/"]] email! [some chars-u #"@" some chars-u] path! [word 0 3 [#"/" [word | integer]]] integer! [integer] 'positive [number] 'id [id] 'key [word 0 6 [#"." word]] ] system/words/as: as: func [ [catch] type [datatype!] value [any-type! none!] /where format [none! block! word!] ][ case/all [ word? format [format: select masks format] none? format [format: select masks type] block? format [ unless parse/all form value format [return #[none]] ] ] attempt [make type value] ] result: errors: #[none] messages: [ not-included "is not included in the list" excluded "is reserved" invalid "is missing or invalid" not-confirmed "doesn't match confirmation" not-accepted "must be accepted" empty "can't be empty" blank "can't be blank" too-long "is too long (maximum is %d characters)" too-short "is too short (minimum is %d characters)" wrong-length "is the wrong length (should be %d characters)" not-a-number "is not a number" ] else: #[none] otherwise: [ ['else | 'or][ set else string! | copy else any [word! string!] ] | (else: #[none]) ] key: value: target: format: else: #[none] constraint: use [is is-not? is-or-length-is op val val-type range group][ op: val: val-type: #[none] is: ['is | 'are] is-or-length-is: [ [ ['length | 'size] (val: length? value val-type: integer!) | (val: :value val-type: :type) ] is ] is-not?: ['not (op: #[false]) | (op: #[true])] [ is [ 'accepted otherwise ( unless true = value [report not-accepted] ) | 'confirmed opt 'by set val get-word! otherwise ( unless value = as/where :type get-from source to-word val format [ report not-confirmed ] ) | is-not? 'within set group any-block! otherwise ( either found? find group value [ unless op [report excluded] ][ if op [report not-included] ] ) ] | is-or-length-is [ is-not? 'between [set range [range! | into [2 val-type]]] otherwise ( either op [ case [ val < target: range/1 [report too-short] val > target: range/2 [report too-long] ] ][ unless any [ val < range/1 val > range/2 ][report excluded] ] ) | ['more-than | 'after] set target val-type otherwise ( unless val > target [report too-short] ) | ['less-than | 'before] set target val-type otherwise ( unless val < target [report too-long] ) | is-not? set target val-type otherwise ( either value = target [ unless op [report wrong-length] ][ if op [report wrong-length] ] ) ] ] ] humanize: func [word][uppercase/part replace/all form word "-" " " 1] report: func ['message [word!]][ message: any [ all [string? else else] all [block? else select else message] reform [humanize key any [select messages message ""]] ] unless select errors :key [repend errors [:key copy []]] append select errors :key interpolate message [ #"w" [form key] #"W" [humanize key] #"d" [form target] #"t" [head remove back tail form type] ] ] system/words/import: import: func [ "Imports and validates user input" [catch] source [block!] {User input: [word! any-type! ...]} spec [block!] {Importation and validation rules} /else word [word!] {A word to assign an error report to} /local required present constraints ][ errors: copy [] result: copy [] bind constraint 'source bind spec 'self unless parse compose/deep/only spec [ any [ set key set-word! (key: to-word key) set required opt 'opt (required: required <> 'opt) set type word! (throw-on-error [type: to-datatype :type]) set format opt block! otherwise ( value: get-from source key present: not any [ none? value empty? trim/head/tail form value ] either all [present value: as/where :type value format][ constraints: [any constraint] repend result [key value] ][ constraints: [to set-word! | to end] case [ present [report invalid] required [report blank] not required [repend result [key none]] ] ] ) constraints ] ][ throw make error! "Could not parse Import specification" ] unless set any [word 'word] all [not empty? errors errors][result] ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage