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REBOL [ Title: "Files Renamer" Date: 15-05-2016 Version: 0.8.15 File: %files-renamer.r Author: "Marco Antoniazzi" Copyright: "(C) 2011-2016 Marco Antoniazzi. All Rights reserved" Purpose: "Rename files" eMail: [luce80 AT libero DOT it] History: [ 0.5.0 [28-05-2011 "First version"] 0.5.1 [02-06-2011 "Minor bug fixes"] 0.5.2 [03-06-2011 "Bug fixes"] 0.5.3 [04-06-2011 "Bug fixes"] 0.5.4 [04-06-2011 "Bug fixes, use selection list also as file browser"] 0.5.5 [05-06-2011 "Bug fixes, handle links (on Win), hide unreadable files"] 0.6.1 [08-06-2011 "Horizontal scrollers, change case, minor bug fixes"] 0.6.2 [10-06-2011 "Scrollers instead of sliders, minor bug fixes"] 0.7.1 [12-06-2011 "Invert filter, select to tail, check empties and duplicates"] 0.8.1 [14-06-2011 "Undo, Num. of modified"] 0.8.2 [18-06-2011 "multi-select with mouse overing and shift, select invert, bug fixes"] 0.8.3 [24-06-2011 "Bug fixes"] 0.8.5 [15-07-2011 "insert file's date, minor bug fixes"] 0.8.6 [26-07-2011 "Minor bug fixes"] 0.8.7 [09-09-2011 "Added insert after autonum."] 0.8.8 [16-12-2011 "Minor bug fix"] 0.8.9 [01-05-2012 "Added resizing, minor bug fix"] 0.8.10 [23-09-2012 "Fix update scroller on resizing"] 0.8.11 [20-10-2013 "Fixed multi selecting empty lines"] 0.8.12 [24-10-2013 "Adapted to Rebol 3 (with vid1r3.r3)"] 0.8.13 [08-11-2013 "Improved btn-undo look on R3, fixed find-any-match"] 0.8.14 [08-02-2015 "Fixed win links for R3 replacing find-any-match with find-any"] 0.8.15 [15-05-2016 "Fixed deselecting single line with <ctrl+down>"] ] comment: {.GUI Automatically generated by VID_build. Author: Marco Antoniazzi} Help: { INSTRUCTIONS: 1.1) unselect "Show folders" to hide folders 1.2) select "Show all" to show unreadable files 1.3) press "<<", "<" or "^^" to select the folder containing the files to be renamed 1.4) insert a text with wildcards in "Filter" field to show only some files eg. "*.jpg" to show jpegs, "a*" to show files starting with "a", "*" to show all choose "Invert" to show the files not filtered 1.5) press "Select all" to select all currently shown files 1.6) double click on a folder (or link) name to browse it 1.7) click on a file name to select it, press also <Ctrl> or <Shift> or move mouse to multi-select 2) to change the name of selected files use the panel on the right. Renaming is done with the use of an "imaginary" cursor that is controlled by the various gadgets. 2.1) use "Trim" to remove some characters 2.2) use "goto", "find" and "skip" to move the cursor (possibly from the tail of the name) 2.3) use "select to" and "select" to select some characters beware the selection always goes from left to right. 2.4) choose to "cut" or "copy" the selection. If you see some characters disappear you know you are "cutting" 2.5) use "goto", "find" and "skip" to move the cursor (possibly from the tail of the name) 2.6) select "Paste" to insert selected text into current position 2.7) use "Insert" to insert additional text into current position 2.8) select "Insert file's date" to insert the last modified date of the file in one of the two formats into current position 2.9) select "Insert number" to insert auto-numbering into current position You can decide the starting number, the increment and a padding text 2.10) select "Change case to" and choose type to change characters case. 2.11) press "Reset to defaults" to put all values to their initial state. 2.12) select "Include extension" to rename also the files suffices 3) press "Execute renaming of selected files" to rename files. 4) press "Undo last renaming operation" to restore previous file names warning: you can undo ONLY ONE operation } Todo: { - various types of initial sorting - "multi-pass" renaming - find files (and then rename found ones) - auto "simple" renaming styles (a-la W7 and others or saved) - save last settings - multiple filters } Category: [util vid files] library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: 'tool domain: [gui files] tested-under: [View Saphir-View] support: none license: 'GPL2 see-also: none ] icon: ] ;**** set correct path to vid1r3.r3 and sdk sources (or use empty string to use default path to sdk) **** if system/version > 2.7.9 [do/args %../../r3/local/vid1r3.r3 %../../sdk-2706031/rebol-sdk-276/source] ; files suffix?: func [ {Return the suffix (ext) of a filename or url, else tail of it.} path [any-string!] /local suff ][ either all [ suff: find/last path #"." not find suff #"/" ] [suff] [tail path] ] dir?: func [file [file!]] [#"/" = last file] is-link?: func [file [file!] /local str] [ ; WARNING: THIS IS A DIRTY HACK! if all [ equal? suffix? file %.lnk System/version/4 = 3 ;Win attempt [str: read file] equal? head str find str #{4C000000} ] [str] ] parent-dir: func [file [file!]] [ if equal? length? file 1 [return %/] file: head remove back tail dirize file head remove/part find/tail/last file %/ tail file ] push-path: func [file [file!]] [paths-list: back insert tail paths-list file] find-any: func [ "Finds a value in a string using wildcards and returns the string at the start of it." series [series!] value [string!] /match /last /local last* str give_head emit pos pos2 non-wild-chars plain-chars tmp rule ][ last*: get load "last" give_head: none str: copy to string! series value: copy value if empty? value [return none] ; normalize pattern while [find value "**"] [replace/all value "**" "*"] while [find value "*?"] [replace/all value "*?" "*"] if value = "*" [return series] if last [ reverse value reverse str ] if #"*" = first value [ remove value if not any [last match] [give_head: series] match: none ] emit: func [arg][append rule arg] non-wild-chars: complement charset "*?" plain-chars: [copy tmp some non-wild-chars (emit copy tmp)] rule: copy [] parse/all value [ some [plain-chars | "*" (emit 'thru) | "?" (emit 'skip)] ] ; If the last thing in our pattern is thru, it won't work so we ; remove the trailing thru. if 'thru = last* rule [remove back tail rule] value: compose/deep [any [(all [none? match 'to]) (first rule) pos: (rule) pos2: to end | thru (first rule)] ] if none? parse/all str value [return none] if last [pos: skip series (length? series) - (index? pos2) + 1] any [give_head pos] ] filter_and_sort: func [list [block!] /local temp-list temp-dir-list temp-files-list] [ temp-list: copy list if not get-face check-show-all [remove-each item temp-list [error? try [read/part path-name/:item 4]]] remove-each item temp-list [equal? found? find-any/match item get-face field-filter get-face check-filter] temp-dir-list: copy temp-list remove-each item temp-dir-list [not dir? item] sort temp-dir-list temp-files-list: copy temp-list remove-each item temp-files-list [dir? item] sort temp-files-list clear temp-list if get-face check-show-folders [insert temp-files-list temp-dir-list] temp-files-list ] rename_selected: func [/local done item old-file new-file] [ if empty? old-list/picked [exit] if not confirm "Are you sure?" [exit] done: true new-file-list: head new-file-list forall new-file-list [ if spc <> item: first new-file-list [ old-file: pick old-file-list index? new-file-list if not-equal? undo-file old-file [ ; avoid renaming undo.file ! old-file: join path-name old-file new-file: item if error? try [rename old-file new-file] [done: false] ] ] ] reset_all undo-list: copy modified-list unghost btn-undo replace_file-list path-name alert either done ["DONE"] ["An error occured. NOT ALL FILES RENAMED"] ] undo: func [/local done undo-path old-file new-file] [ if empty? undo-list [if error? try [undo-list: load undo-file] [alert "Unable to load undo file. UNDO IS NOT POSSIBLE!" exit]] undo-path: take undo-list done: true forskip undo-list 2 [ old-file: join undo-path second undo-list new-file: first undo-list if error? try [rename old-file new-file] [done: false] ] reset_all clear undo-list attempt [save undo-file []] ghost btn-undo replace_file-list undo-path alert either done ["DONE"] ["An error occured. NOT ALL FILES RENAMED"] ] ; ; update lists update_info: func [/local info empties duplicates modified temp-list] [ set-face info-nums rejoin [length? old-list/data " files shown , " length? old-list/picked " files selected"] empties: 0 foreach item new-file-list [if item = suffix? item [empties: empties + 1]] clear modified-list temp-list: copy old-file-list new-file-list: head new-file-list forall new-file-list [ item: first new-file-list if all [not-equal? item spc not-equal? item %""] [ if all [not find modified-list item not find temp-list item] [insert modified-list reduce [first temp-list item]] change temp-list item ] temp-list: next temp-list ] temp-list: head temp-list duplicates: (length? old-list/data) - length? unique temp-list modified: duplicates + ((length? modified-list) / 2) insert modified-list path-name info-errs/color: either (empties + duplicates) > 0 [red + 80] [green + 80] set-face info-errs rejoin [modified " modified , " empties " empties , " duplicates " duplicates"] ] update_text-list: func [list [object!] file-list [block!]] [ clear list/data clear list/picked ; update and redraw file names text-list append list/data file-list show list/update ] scroller-redrag: func [scroller [object!] list [object!] file-list [block!] /local temp-list max-line-length] [ temp-list: copy file-list forall temp-list [temp-list/1: join to-local-file temp-list/1 newline] size-text-face/text: form temp-list max-line-length: first size-text size-text-face scroller/redrag list/size/x - 30 / max 1 max-line-length show scroller max-line-length ] update_old-file-list: func [] [ old-file-list: filter_and_sort orig-file-list update_text-list old-list old-file-list max-line-length-old: scroller-redrag scroller-old-list old-list old-file-list ] update_new-file-list: func [] [ clear new-file-list recycle new-file-list: array/initial length? old-file-list spc foreach item old-list/picked [ if item [change at new-file-list index? find old-file-list item copy item] ] do_rename update_text-list new-list new-file-list max-line-length-new: scroller-redrag scroller-new-list new-list new-file-list update_info ] update_lists: func [/reset] [ if /reset [ ; reset starting lines and scroller of lists old-list/sn: new-list/sn: old-list/sld/data: new-list/sld/data: scroller-old-list/data: scroller-new-list/data: 0 do-face scroller-old-list 0 do-face scroller-new-list 0 ] update_old-file-list update_new-file-list ] replace_file-list: func [dir-name [file! none!] /local fl] [ if all [ System/version > System/version/4 = 3 ;Win dir-name = %/ ][ dir-name: join %/ [second what-dir %/] ] if error? try [read dir-name] [return false] path-name: dir-name clear orig-file-list if all [object? main-win not get-face check-show-all] [fl: flash/with "reading directory..." main-win] orig-file-list: read dir-name update_lists/reset if fl [unview/only fl] set-face info-path to-local-file dir-name true ] ; ; select select_all: func [] [ if empty? old-list/data [exit] clear old-list/picked old-list/picked: copy old-list/data show old-list update_info update_new-file-list ] select_invert: func [] [ if empty? old-list/data [exit] foreach item old-list/data [alter old-list/picked item] show old-list update_info update_new-file-list ] ; do_rename: func [/local item extensions file-date padded autonum step padding cond1 cond2 pos str select-end copied] [ if empty? new-file-list [exit] extensions: copy [] if not get-face check-ext [ foreach item new-file-list [append extensions take/part suffix? item tail item] ] file-date: func [the-file [file!] date-format [string!] sep [string!] /local modified-date ext] [ ext: either get-face check-ext [%""] [pick extensions index? find head new-file-list the-file] if modified-date: modified? rejoin [path-name the-file ext] [ return switch date-format [ "dd mm yyyy" [rejoin [padded modified-date/day "00" sep padded modified-date/month "00" sep modified-date/year]] "yyyy mm dd" [rejoin [modified-date/year sep padded modified-date/month "00" sep padded modified-date/day "00"]] ] ] "" ] autonum: to-integer get-face field-start step: to-integer get-face field-step padded: func [numb paddin] [reverse head change reverse paddin reverse form numb] padding: copy get-face field-pad forall new-file-list [ cond1: true cond2: true pos: 1 if spc <> item: copy first new-file-list [ if "" <> str: get-face field-trim [item: trim/with item str] cond1: cond1 and ((1 + length? item) >= pos: to-integer get-face text-goto1) either get-face check-last1 [item: skip tail item negate pos] [item: at head item pos] pos: 1 if "" <> str: get-face field-find1 [ cond1: cond1 and found? found: either get-face check-rev1 [find/reverse item str] [find item str] item: any [found head item] pos: either found [index? found] [0] ] select-end: item if pos > 0 [ cond1: cond1 and ((1 + length? item) >= pos: to-integer get-face text-skip1) item: skip item pos select-end: item if "" <> str: get-face field-select [ cond2: cond2 and found? found: either get-face check-select [find/tail item str] [find item str] select-end: any [found item] ] ] if cond2 [select-end: skip select-end to-integer get-face text-select] copied: copy/part item select-end if get-face radio-cut [remove/part item select-end] cond1: cond1 and ((1 + length? item) >= pos: to-integer get-face text-goto2) either get-face check-last2 [item: skip tail item 1 + negate pos] [item: at head item pos] if "" <> str: get-face field-find2 [ cond1: cond1 and found? found: either get-face check-rev2 [find/reverse item str] [find item str] item: any [found head item] ] cond1: cond1 and ((1 + length? item) >= pos: to-integer get-face text-skip2) item: skip item pos if get-face check-paste [item: insert item copied] if cond1 [item: insert item get-face field-insert] if get-face check-date [item: insert item file-date first new-file-list either get-face radio-date-dd ["dd mm yyyy"] ["yyyy mm dd" ] "-"] if get-face check-autonum [ item: insert item padded autonum padding autonum: autonum + step ] if cond1 [item: insert item get-face field-insert2] if get-face check-case [ item: head item lowercase item if get-face radio-case-first [uppercase/part item 1] if get-face radio-case-up [uppercase item] ] change new-file-list head item ] ] if not get-face check-ext [ foreach item new-file-list [append item first extensions extensions: next extensions] ] ] reset_all: func [/local vals] [ vals: reduce [ check-ext no field-trim "" text-goto1 "1" scroller-goto1 0 check-last1 no field-find1 "" check-rev1 no text-skip1 "0" scroller-skip1 0 field-select "" check-select no text-select "0" scroller-select 0 radio-cut on radio-copy no text-goto2 "1" scroller-goto2 0 check-last2 no field-find2 "" check-rev2 no text-skip2 "0" scroller-skip2 0 check-paste no field-insert "" check-date no radio-date-dd on radio-date-yy no check-autonum no field-start "1" field-step "1" field-pad "0000" field-insert2 "" check-case no radio-case-low on radio-case-up no radio-case-first no ] forskip vals 2 [set-face first vals second vals] ] ; gui ghost: func [face] [box-ghost/offset: face/offset + panel-lists/offset box-ghost/size: face/size show box-ghost btn-undo/font/color: 128.128.128 btn-undo/font/colors: [128.128.128 10.10.10] show btn-undo] unghost: func [face] [box-ghost/size: -1x-1 show box-ghost btn-undo/font/color: 0.0.0 btn-undo/font/colors: [0.0.0 10.10.10] show btn-undo] main-win: layout [ do [sp: 4x4] origin sp space sp style text text feel none style text-list text-list font-name font-fixed para [wrap?: false] style info info edge [size: 1x1] Across btn "<<" [replace_file-list %/ push-path %/] btn " < " [if (length? head paths-list) > 1 [replace_file-list pick paths-list: back remove paths-list 1]] btn " ^^ " [ if not none? path-name [ replace_file-list parent-dir path-name push-path path-name ] ] text "Path:" info-path: info bold "" 370 pad 316 btn-?: btn "?" sky keycode [f1] [ ssh: System/script/header if not value? 'help-win [; avoid opening win more then once help-win: view/new layout [ below space sp text 580 bold center ssh/Title text 580 center rejoin ["Version: " ssh/Version " , " ssh/Date ". Copyright: " ssh/Copyright] text 580 bold center "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK" across info-help: info 580x300 as-is trim/auto ssh/Help wrap edge [size: 1x1] pad -20 slider info-help/size/y * 0x1 + 16x0 with [append init [redrag 250 / 300]] [scroll-para info-help face] key (escape) (0x0 - sp) [unview unset 'help-win] ] ] ] return check-show-folders: check-line "Show folders" on [update_lists] check-show-all: check-line "Show all" [ if get-face face [ if not confirm "Showing hidden files makes reading folders faster but anyway you will not be able to rename them. Really show them?" [set-face face off] ] update_lists ] text "Filter:" field-filter: field "*" 80 [update_lists] check-filter: check-line "Invert" no [update_lists] btn "Select All" [select_all] btn "Invert selection" [select_invert] return ; LISTS panel-lists: panel [ across origin 0 space sp text-curr: text bold "Current file name" 240 center text-new: text bold "New file name" 250 center return old-list: text-list 260x338 [update_info update_new-file-list scroller-new-list/data: 0 do-face scroller-new-list 0] with [ append init [ iter/feel: make iter/feel [ redraw-super: :redraw redraw: func [f a i /local fil] [ redraw-super f a i fil: to-file iter/text iter/font/color: case [ equal? #"/" pick tail fil -1 [blue] is-link? path-name/:fil [navy] true [black] ] ] combine: func [block [block!] value] [if not find block value [append block value]] picked-num-s: picked-num: old-overed: 0 engage-super: :engage engage: func [face action event /local path str overed] [ engage-super face action event if event/double-click [ if empty? path: get-face old-list [exit] path: last path if dir? path [ if replace_file-list path-name/:path [push-path path-name] ] if str: is-link? path-name/:path [ ; WARNING: THIS IS A DIRTY HACK! str: find-any/last str "?:" ; find a: b: c: etc. drive letters if system/version > [str: to-string skip str -20] str: back str str: trim/with/all mold copy/part str find str {^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@} "{^^@^"}" ; trim 0s if replace_file-list dirize to-rebol-file str [push-path path-name] ] exit ] if action = 'down [ if all [event/control empty? picked] [exit] overed: index? find data last picked either event/shift [picked-num-s: overed] [picked-num: overed] if all [event/shift greater? picked-num 0 greater? picked-num-s 0 not-equal? picked-num picked-num-s] [ for n picked-num picked-num-s sign? (picked-num-s - picked-num) [ combine picked pick data n ] ] do-face slf none ] if action = 'away [ if not event/shift [ overed: round/floor event/offset/y / face/size/y if old-overed <> overed [ old-overed: overed overed: picked-num + overed if all [overed > sn (overed - sn) <= lc] [combine picked pick data overed] do-face slf none ] ] ] ] ] ] ] indent -16 - 4 ; hide scroller new-list: text-list old-list/size with [ update: func [/local tot-rows visible-rows] [ tot-rows: length? data visible-rows: lc sld/redrag visible-rows / max 1 tot-rows either visible-rows >= tot-rows [ sld/step: 0.0 ][ sld/step: 1 / (tot-rows - visible-rows) ] self ] append init [ iter/feel/engage: none ; disable selection sld/action: func [face value] [ ;patched if sn = value: max 0 to-integer value * ((length? slf/data) - lc) [exit] ; I always hated that "1 +" ! old-list/sn: sn: value ; keep lists syncronized show [old-list sub-area] ] ] ] return pad 0x-4 scroller-old-list: scroller old-list/size * 1x0 + -16x16 [old-list/iter/para/scroll: -1x0 * abs round old-list/size/x - 30 - max-line-length-old * value show old-list] pad -4 scroller-new-list: scroller new-list/size * 1x0 + -16x16 [new-list/iter/para/scroll: -1x0 * abs round new-list/size/x - 30 - max-line-length-new * value show new-list] return info-nums: info "0 files shown , 0 files selected" old-list/size * 1x0 + -16x20 feel none pad -4 info-errs: info "0 modified , 0 empties , 0 duplicates" new-list/size * 1x0 + 0x20 feel none return btn-exe: btn "Execute renaming of selected files" to-integer old-list/size/x - 16 - 2 yellow [rename_selected] btn-undo: btn "Undo last renaming operation" to-integer new-list/size/x - 2 font [] [undo] ] do [btn-undo/parent-face: panel-lists] ; COMMANDS panel-commands: panel [ style txt text style text text 156 right style text-num text 28 bold style field field 100x22 [update_new-file-list] style check-line check-line [update_new-file-list] style radio-line radio-line [update_new-file-list] style scroller scroller 100x20 0.0 edge [size: 2x2] with [ minv: 1 maxv: 50 target: none words: reduce [ 'min func [new args] [new/minv: second args next args] 'max func [new args] [new/maxv: second args new/step: 1 / (new/maxv - new/minv) next args] 'target func [new args] [new/target: second args next args] ] ] [set-face face/target round/to face/maxv - face/minv * value + face/minv 1 update_new-file-list] Across origin sp space sp btn "Reset to defaults" [reset_all update_new-file-list] ;return pad 56 check-ext: check-line "Include extension" return ;pad 0x9 text "Trim:" field-trim: field return text "Go to" 44 text-goto1: text-num "1" text "th character:" 76 scroller-goto1: scroller target text-goto1 check-last1: check-line "from last" return text "Find:" field-find1: field check-rev1: check-line "reverse" return text "Skip " 44 text-skip1: text-num "0" text "characters:" 76 scroller-skip1: scroller target text-skip1 min 0 return text "Select to:" field-select: field check-select: check-line "included" no return text "Select " 44 text-select: text-num "0" text "characters:" 76 scroller-select: scroller 175 target text-select min 0 max 120 return radio-cut: radio-line "Cut" on radio-copy: radio-line "Copy" return text "Go to" 44 text-goto2: text-num "1" text "th character:" 76 scroller-goto2: scroller target text-goto2 check-last2: check-line "from last" return text "Find:" field-find2: field check-rev2: check-line "reverse" return text "Skip " 44 text-skip2: text-num "0" text "characters:" 76 scroller-skip2: scroller target text-skip2 min 0 return check-paste: check-line "Paste" return text "Insert:" field-insert: field [remove-each char face/text [find {\/:*?"<>|} char] show face update_new-file-list] return check-date: check-line "Insert file's date" radio-date-dd: radio-line "dd-mm-yyyy" of 'date on radio-date-yy: radio-line "yyyy-mm-dd" of 'date return check-autonum: check-line "Insert number from" field-start: field "1" 30 [if error? try [to-integer face/text] [face/text: "1" show face] update_new-file-list] txt "step" field-step: field "1" 30 [if error? try [to-integer face/text] [face/text: "1" show face] update_new-file-list] txt "pad" field-pad: field "0000" 50 [remove-each char face/text [find {\/:*?"<>|} char] show face update_new-file-list] return text "Insert:" field-insert2: field [remove-each char face/text [find {\/:*?"<>|} char] show face update_new-file-list] return check-case: check-line "Change case to" radio-case-low: radio-line "lower" of 'case on radio-case-up: radio-line "UPPER" of 'case radio-case-first: radio-line "First upper" of 'case return ] edge [size: 1x1] return ;FIXME: partial renaming btn "Rename" at -1000x-1000 ; put out of sight key escape (0x0 - sp) [ask_close] box-ghost: box 1x1 ;effect [merge blur blur] ; used to ghost (aka disable) face size-text-face: text font [name: reduce [font-fixed]] para [wrap?: false] ; used to measure text size ] main-win/user-data: reduce ['size main-win/size] rezize-faces: func [siz [pair!]] [ foreach [face scalex scaley] reduce [ panel-lists 1 1 info-nums 0.5 0 info-errs 0.5 0 btn-exe 0.5 0 btn-undo 0.5 0 box-ghost 0.5 0 ] [face/size: face/size + as-pair (siz/x * scalex) (siz/y * scaley)] foreach [face scalex scaley] reduce [ old-list 0.5 1 new-list 0.5 1 scroller-old-list 0.5 0 scroller-new-list 0.5 0 ] [face/resize face/size + as-pair (siz/x * scalex) (siz/y * scaley)] foreach [face scalex scaley] reduce [ btn-? 1 0 text-curr 0.2 0 text-new 0.8 0 old-list 0 0 new-list 0.5 0 scroller-old-list 0 1 scroller-new-list 0.5 1 info-nums 0 1 info-errs 0.5 1 btn-exe 0 1 btn-undo 0.5 1 box-ghost 0.5 1 panel-commands 1 0 ] [face/offset: face/offset + as-pair (siz/x * scalex) (siz/y * scaley)] new-list/update do-face new-list/sld new-list/sld/data max-line-length-old: scroller-redrag scroller-old-list old-list old-file-list max-line-length-new: scroller-redrag scroller-new-list new-list new-file-list ] insert-event-func func [face event /local siz] [ switch event/type [ close [ if event/face = main-win [ ask_close return none ] if all [value? 'help-win event/face = help-win] [unset 'help-win] event ] resize [ face: main-win siz: face/size - face/user-data/size ; compute size difference face/user-data/size: face/size ; store new size rezize-faces siz show main-win ] scroll-line [either event/offset/y < 0 [scroll-drag/back new-list/sld] [scroll-drag new-list/sld]] ] event ] ask_close: does [ if confirm "Exit now?" [ if not empty? undo-list [ if error? try [save undo-file undo-list] [alert "Unable to save undo file. UNDO IS DISABLED!"] ] quit ] ] ; ; main spc: " " max-line-length-old: max-line-length-new: 1 path-name: none paths-list: copy [] modified-list: copy [] undo-file: %files-renamer-undo.rbl undo-list: orig-file-list: old-file-list: new-file-list: [] append paths-list what-dir replace_file-list first paths-list if any [ error? try [undo-list: load undo-file] empty? undo-list ] [ ghost btn-undo ] view/new/title/options main-win "Files Renamer" reduce ['resize 'min-size main-win/size + system/view/title-size + 8x10 + system/view/resize-border] do-events
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage