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Rebol [ Title: " VID: Faces and Facets" Date: 20-March-2010 File: %faces.r Author: "Fran├žois Jouen" Purpose: "Show Faces and Facets Values" Help: "none" library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [tool] domain: [gui] tested-under: 'Mac OSX 'Linux 'Windows support: none license: 'pd see-also: ] ] aface: none selected_face: none faces_list: [] vversion: join "You are using Rebol " [ system/product " " system/version] notused: ["face" "blank-face" "PANEL" "ANIM" "LIST"] ;to make an image isize: 125x300 layout compose [img: image (isize) black] img: to-image img loop 5000 [ col: random 255 pcol: to-tuple reduce [col col col] poke img random isize/x * isize/y (pcol) ] ;from Volker Nitsch. Thanks for disable-face function disable-face: func [face'] [ if 'disabler = face'/parent-face/style [return] change find face'/parent-face/pane face' ( make-face/spec get-style 'image [ style: 'disabler offset: face'/offset size: face'/size pane: reduce [ face' make system/words/face [ size: face'/size color: font: para: text: data: image: none effect: [none] ] ] ] ) face'/offset: 0x0 show face'/parent-face ] Get_Face_Names: does [ faces_list: extract system/view/vid/vid-styles 2 ; on ne traite pas "face" et "blank-face" faces_list: skip faces_list 2 ;sort faces_list ] Get_Facet_Name: does [ clear property/data show property liste: first aface forall liste [append property/data first liste] either 0 = length? property/data [property/sld/redrag 1] [property/sld/redrag property/lc / length? property/data] property/sld/data: 0 show property ] Get_Facet_Values: does [ clear detail/data p_type/text: "" liste2: second aface s: pick liste2 pindex either object? s [ ss: third s p_type/text: "Object" n: length? ss for i 1 n 2 [xs: join pick ss i [ ": " pick ss i + 1 newline] append detail/data xs]] [p_type/text: type? s append detail/data mold s] show [p_type detail ] detail/line-list: none ] Show_Face: does [ aface: none clear detail/text p_type/text: "Type" show [detail p_type] if error? try [; basic faces aface: make-face to-word selected_face if none? aface/text [aface/text: selected_face] if none? aface/color [aface/color: blue] if none? aface/size [aface/size: 125x25 ] ] [ ; text faces aface: make-face/offset/size to-word selected_face 0x0 125x100 aface/text: selected_face ] ; for fun if found? find to-string selected_face "IMAGE" [aface/size: 125x300 aface/image: img] if found? find to-string selected_face "ROTARY" [aface/data: ["Option 1" "Option 2" "Option 3"]] if found? find to-string selected_face "TEXT-LIST" [aface/data: read %.] if found? find to-string selected_face "PROGRESS" [aface/size: 125x16 aface/data: 0.5] visu/pane: aface disable-face visu ; no action on widgets just illustration show visu ] no_face: does [ clear property/data clear detail/data clear detail/text p_type/text: "" visu/pane: none show [p_type detail property visu] ] Get_Face_Names styleswin: layout [ backdrop 160.160.220 across space 5x0 at 5x3 info 150 "Faces" left edge [size: 1x1 color: 0.0.0 ] info 150 "Facets" left edge [size: 1x1 color: 0.0.0 ] p_type: info 150 "Type" edge [size: 1x1 color: 0.0.0 ] info 125 "Sample" Center edge [size: 1x1 color: 0.0.0 ] at 5x30 l1: text-list 150x300 black data faces_list [ selected_face: l1/picked/1 either not found? find notused to-string selected_face [Show_Face Get_Facet_Name] [no_face] ] property: text-list 150X300 [pindex: face/cnt Get_Facet_Values] space 0x0 detail: info 134x300 wrap edge [size: 1x1 color: 0.0.0 ] sl: slider 16x300 edge [size: 1x1 color: 0.0.0 ] [scroll-para detail sl] pad 5 visu: box 127x300 center edge [size: 1x1 color: 160.160.160 ] at 5x335 info 590 vversion center edge [size: 1x1 color: 0.0.0 ] ] view center-face styleswin
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage