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Rebol [title: "F1 demo" Date: 23-11-2012 File: %f1.r Version: 1.0.0 Author: "Massimiliano Vessi" Purpose: "Simple car game, just t show how to scroll images" Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [game demo] domain: [animation game graphics gui vid visualization] tested-under: [winxp linux] support: none license: gpl see-also: none ] ] car: [translate 180x0 pen off fill-pen crimson box 10x10 40x20 fill-pen red polygon 20x20 30x20 30x60 25x70 20x60 fill-pen crimson box 15x62 35x67 fill-pen black box 5x25 15x35 box 35x25 45x35 box 5x50 15x60 box 35x50 45x60 pen black line 15x30 20x30 line 35x30 30x30 line 15x55 20x55 line 35x55 30x55 pen crimson fill-pen none circle 25x35 4 7 pen off fill-pen blue circle 25x32 3 ] s: 10 ;car speed of translating move-s: func [ b] [ if b = #"a" [ car/2/x: car/2/x - s ] if b = #"d" [ car/2/x: car/2/x + s ] if b = #"s" [car/2/y: car/2/y + s ] if b = #"w" [car/2/y: car/2/y - s ] repeat i 2 [ if car/2/:i < 0 [car/2/:i: 0 ] if car/2/:i > 350 [car/2/:i: 350 ] ] show aa ] out: [] st: false percorso1: [ pen off fill-pen green box -150x0 90x10 fill-pen red box 90x0 95x10 fill-pen gray box 95x0 305x10 fill-pen red box 305x0 310x10 fill-pen green box 310x0 600x10 ] percorso2: [ pen off fill-pen green box -150x0 90x10 fill-pen white box 90x0 95x10 fill-pen gray box 95x0 305x10 fill-pen white box 305x0 310x10 fill-pen green box 310x0 600x10 ] ;counters contatore: a: b: contatore2: 0 ;track, V = victroy, S = straight, L= turn left, R = turn right ;you can edit this track: gara1: "vsssssrrrrrrssssssssllllllllllllllrrrrrrrsllsllsrrrrrrsssrrrlllsssrrllrrllrrllsv" ; this keep all track variations list-b: copy [] ;this move the background (TRACK) sfondo: func [gara ][ loop 2 [remove out] ;this remove the first translation, then we put the new corret one translation ;if we ended the track, the track become straigth if (length? gara) <= 0 [ gara: copy "s" bb/text: reform [ "Your time is" time/text] bb/font/color: white time/feel: none ;this stop the timer ] ;this take actual track letter g: first gara ;this translate all of one line down (10px) insert out [translate 0x10] ;this select what to do to the track switch g [ #"s" [ a: 0 ] #"r" [a: 1 ] #"l" [a: -1] ] b: b + a ;this is the absolute translation to insert at the beggining, this make game more fun ++ contatore ++ contatore2 ;every 15 lines we move to the next part of the track if contatore2 > 15 [contatore2: 0 remove gara ] ;V is to draw black lines if g = #"v" [contatore2: contatore2 + 2 insert out [fill-pen black box 95x0 305x10 ] ] ;this alternate strips red and white if contatore > 3 [ contatore: 0 either st [ st: false] [st: true] ] either st [insert out percorso1 ] [insert out percorso2] ;this is necessary for relative translation between lines insert out reduce ['translate as-pair a 0] ;this insert the starting absolute translation insert out reduce ['translate as-pair b 0] insert list-b a ;list-b contains all relative translation clear skip list-b 36 ;this short list-b to the first 36 elements ;this is used to calculate the position of the last background line, so we can know if car is inside the track c: b foreach item list-b [ c: c + item] ;this short out to the first 1616 elements clear skip out 1616 out ] ;let's create the first background (just 40 lines of stripes) loop 40 [sfondo gara1] view layout [ at 0x0 bb: box black 400x400 rate 0 feel [engage: func [f a e][ f/effect: reduce [ 'draw sfondo gara1] f/rate: f/rate + 1 ;speed automatically increase if f/rate > 100 [f/rate: 100] ;maximum speed is 100 speed/text: to-string f/rate ;this checks if car is inside track and reduces speed either any [ ;condition car/2/x < (95 + c) car/2/x > (260 + c) ] [ ;if true f/rate: f/rate - 7 if bb/rate < 0 [bb/rate: 1 ] f/text: "BACK ON TRACK" f/font/color: red ] [ if f/text = "BACK ON TRACK" [f/text: none] ] show [f speed] ]] at 0x0 aa: box 400x400 effect [ draw car flip 0x1 ] key keycode [#"a" left] [ move-s #"a" bb/rate: bb/rate - 2 if bb/rate < 0 [bb/rate: 1 ]] key keycode [#"d" right ] [ move-s #"d" bb/rate: bb/rate - 2 if bb/rate < 0 [bb/rate: 1 ] ] panel [ label "Speed:" label "Time" return speed: text "0000" time: text "00:00:00" rate 1 feel [ engage: func [f a e][ f/text: (to-time f/text) + 1 show f ] ] return text italic 250 {Try to do your best time: if you go out of the track, you slow; if you move the car, you slow. You may use keyboard arrows or A and D to move the car.} ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage