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Rebol [ Title: "EuroJackpot extractor" File: %eurojackpot.r Author: "Massimiliano Vessi" Date: 2012-6-20 Version: 0.0.2 email: %maxint--tiscali--it Purpose: {EuroJackpot is a transnational lottery in Europe, Participating countries are (in alphabetical order) Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Slovenia. The goal is to choose the five correct numbers out of 50 plus 2 out of another 8 numbers. If you are lucky, please send me an email. } Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [demo game] domain: [all] tested-under: [view Windows Linux ] support: %maxint--tiscali--it license: 'gpl see-also: none ] ] random/seed now ;let's create the series with the number required longserie: copy [] shortserie: [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8] for i 1 50 1 [ append longserie i ] ;extraction function extraction: func [] [ the5: copy/part (random longserie) 5 the2: copy/part (random shortserie) 2 sort the5 sort the2 ] view/title layout [ across Title "EuroJackpot extractor" return a1: text "xxx" a2: text "xxx" a3: text "xxx" a4: text "xxx" a5: text "xxx" return b1: text red "xx" b2: text red "xx" return aa: button 100x30 "Extract numbers" [ extraction a1/text: the5/1 a2/text: the5/2 a3/text: the5/3 a4/text: the5/4 a5/text: the5/5 b1/text: the2/1 b2/text: the2/2 show [a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 b1 b2] ] ] "EuroJackpot extractor"
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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