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REBOL [ Title: "esend - smtp client" Author: "RT, G. Scott Jones" Email: %gjones05--m... Date: 21-Apr-2001 File: %esend.r Version: 0.1.0 Purpose: "A modified version of 'send for ESMTP" History: [ 0.1.0 [21-Apr-2001 "Modified RT 'send" "GSJ"] ] Comment: {The bulk of this code is simply a copy of Rebol Technolgies' code in /Core The only changes I made are as follows. I changed the name of the function in order to distinquish this version of 'send that uses an extended smtp scheme from the original. The additional change is that 'esend uses 'esmtp scheme, which is located in a separate file. I chose to use separate function name and scheme inorder to avoid incompatibilty or confusion with Rebol Techologies' current or future implementations. This version is known to work with Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, using base 64 encoded authentication. --Scott Jones (21-Apr-2001) } Usage: {Place this file in your REBOL directory, along with a copy of esmtp.r. At either the interpreter prompt or the user.r file, type: do %esmtp.r ;separate file do %esend.r Then use 'esend as you would use 'send. The first time the function is used, you will be prompted for the smtp authentication username and password. These values are stored in clear text in the current REBOL session for later usage, but the values are not saved to disk for security reasons. } library: [ level: none platform: none type: 'protocol domain: [email protocol] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] esend: func [ {Send a message to an address (or block of addresses)} address [email! block!] "An address or block of addresses" message "Text of message. First line is subject." /only "Send only one message to multiple addresses" /header "Supply your own custom header" header-obj [object!] "The header to use" /local smtp-port content do-send ][ do-send: func [port data] [ foreach item reduce data [ if string? item [replace/all item "^/." "^/.."]] insert port reduce data ] smtp-port: open [scheme: 'esmtp] if email? address [address: reduce [address]] message: content: either string? message [copy message] [mold message] if not header [ header-obj: make system/standard/email [ subject: copy/part message any [find message newline 50] ] ] if none? header-obj/from [ if none? header-obj/from: system/user/email [net-error "Email header not set: no from address"] ] if none? header-obj/to [header-obj/to: make string! 20] if none? header-obj/date [header-obj/date: to-idate now] either only [ do-send smtp-port ["MAIL FROM: <" header-obj/from ">"] foreach addr address [ if email? addr [ do-send smtp-port ["RCPT TO: <" addr ">"] ] ] insert insert message net-utils/export header-obj newline do-send smtp-port ["DATA" message] ][ foreach addr address [ if email? addr [ do-send smtp-port ["MAIL FROM: <" header-obj/from ">"] do-send smtp-port ["RCPT TO: <" addr ">"] head insert clear header-obj/to addr remove/part message content content: insert message net-utils/export header-obj content: insert content newline do-send smtp-port ["DATA" message] ] ] ] close smtp-port ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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