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REBOL [ Title: "error-message-finder" Date: 6-Dec-2001/22:10:29+1:00 Version: 1.0.0 File: %error-message-finder.r Author: "Volker" Usage: { ^-^-configure script at bottom ^-^-^-either use 'emf-locate-clipboard : ^-^-^-^-copy search-text to clipboard, start script. ^-^-^-or use emf-trap-error : ^-^-^-^-do this script, then wrap your debug-call with ^-^-^-^-^-emf-trap-error[my-debug-call] ^-^-^-^-pops then up on error. ^-} Purpose: {find a text in all %.r files in directory, to look up rebol error-messages. presents all possibilities in nice gui. } Comment: { ^-^-also some tricks for reloading text-lists, moving them with keys ^-^-and finding and positioning text in areas. ^-} History: [ 6-Dec-2001 18:14 "begin" 19:06 "my-text-list" 20:31 "works" 21:50 "ready" ] Email: %nitsch-lists--netcologne--de todo: "scan functions for locals.." library: [ level: none platform: none type: 'tool domain: [GUI text-processing] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] emf: context [ ; ;GUI, for editing at top, layout below after tools are ready. ; h: 0x100 w1: 160x0 win: [ styles styling key #"^n" [tl-pick-new [pick find tl/data tl/picked/1 2]] key #"^p" [tl-pick-new [pick find tl/data tl/picked/1 -1]] key #"^s" [ if not empty? tl/picked [ write first load tl/picked/1 ta/text ] ] space 12x6 origin 8x8 backdrop [quit] tf: field 0x24 + w1 [do-find face/text] tl: my-text-list 160x200 + h [goto-text first tl/picked] return ta: area para [] 420x200 + 0x30 + h return at tl/size * 0x1 + tl/offset + 0x10 te: area ta/size + ta/offset - tl/offset * 1x0 + 0x64 ] ; ;FINDER ; dir: %./ do-find: func [string] [ scripts: copy [] foreach file read dir [ if parse file [thru %.r] [append scripts dir/:file] ] positions: copy [] foreach file scripts [append-findings positions file string] insert clear tl/data positions show tl ] append-findings: func [positions file string] [ parse read file [ any [ to string position: ( append positions mold/only reduce [file index? position string] ) thru string ] ] ] get-line: func [position] [ start: any [find/reverse/tail position newline head position] end: any [find position newline tail position] copy/part start end ] ; ;MORE GUI, the tools and starts ; tl-pick-new: func [finder] [ if not empty? tl/picked [ pick-new: any [do finder tl/picked/1] insert clear tl/picked pick-new show tl goto-text first tl/picked ] ] styling: stylize [ my-text-list: text-list with [ "add size-change scrolling" last-shown-lines: -1 update-slider: does [ either 0 = length? data [sld/redrag 1] [ sld/redrag lc / length? data] ] append init [ sub-area/feel/redraw: does [ l: length? data if l <> last-shown-lines [ last-shown-lines: l update-slider ] ] ] ] ] win: layout win ;probe min-size: win/size + 20x20 if not equal? min-size minimum min-size system/view/screen-face/size [ alert reform ["minimal resolution:" min-size] quit ] goto-text: func [tl-string] [ set [file index string] load tl-string ta/text: read file scroll-to-line ta line: at ta/text index focus ta sv: system/view sv/highlight-start: at ta/text index sv/highlight-end: skip sv/highlight-start length? string show ta ] scroll-to-line: func [t1 txt /local xy] [ xy: (caret-to-offset t1 txt) - t1/para/scroll * 0x1 t1/para/scroll: min 0x0 t1/size / 2 - xy ] start: func [string] [ tf/text: string do-find tf/text if not empty? tl/data [ insert tl/picked first tl/data goto-text first tl/picked ] unview/all view center-face win ] form-error: func [ error [object!] /local arg1 arg2 arg3 message out ] [ out: make string! 100 set [arg1 arg2 arg3] [error/arg1 error/arg2 error/arg3] message: get in get in system/error error/type error/id if block? message [bind message 'arg1] append out reform reduce message append out reform ["^/Near:" mold error/near] append out reform ["^/Where:" mold get in error 'where] ] ; ;START VARIANTS ; set 'emf-locate-clipboard func [ {start script standalone, get find-text from clipboard} ] [ start read clipboard:// ] set 'emf-trap-error func [ {does the block and pops up on error} block "the block to do" ] [ if error? error: try [do block none] [ te/text: form-error error: disarm error start mold/only error/near ] error ;rethrow error ] ] ; ;uncomment your WAY TO START ; help emf-locate-clipboard print "" help emf-trap-error ;emf-locate-clipboard ;emf-trap-error [bangme: does [bang] bangme] emf-trap-error [bangme: does [bang] view center-face layout [button "bang" [bang]]]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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