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REBOL [ Title: "EnList" Purpose: "Simple GUI for encap tools" File: %enlist.r Date: 20-jul-2003 Author: "Gregg Irwin" EMail: %gregg--pointillistic--com Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [script tool] domain: [file-handling] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] Version: 0.0.3 History: [ 0.0.1 [05-mar-2003 "First whack" GSI] 0.0.2 [06-mar-2003 "Added default target name generation" GSI] 0.0.3 [08-mar-2003 "Fixed Save crash if source or target not set." GSI] ] Comment: { Put this file in the same directory as the encap tools you want it to use, or update things to use qualified path references to them. } ] debug: false data-file: %enlist.dat record: make object! [ id: source: target: tool: last-built: notes: none ] ; These are the Encap/SDK tools you want to launch to build things. tools: [ ; display-name file enbase %enbase.exe enface %enface.exe enpro %enpro.exe command %rebolce.exe command-view %rebolcve.exe view %rebolve.exe view-beta %rebolv11003.exe ] items: reduce either exists? data-file [ load data-file ][ ; %test.r comes with the SDK. [ ; Default data "test-face" make record [ id: "test-face" source: %test.r target: %test--face.exe tool: 'enface ] "test-base" make record [ id: "test-base" source: %test.r target: %test--base.exe tool: 'enbase ] "test-pro" make record [ id: "test-pro" source: %test.r target: %test--pro.exe tool: 'enpro ] ] ] ;---------------------------------------------------------------- std-background: compose [gradient 0x1 (sky - 60) (water)] cur-item: none cur-id: none ;---------------------------------------------------------------- ;-- Non app-specific functions justify: func [ {Justify the given string to the specified width.} s [string!] "The string to justify" wd [integer!] "The target width, in characters" /left"Left justify the string (default)" /center {Center justify the string. If the total length of the padding is an odd number of characters, the extra character will be on the right.} /right"Right justify the string" /with {Allows you to specify filler other than space. If you specify a string more than 1 character in length, it will be repeated as many times as necessary.} filler [string! char!] "The character, or string, to use as filler" /local pad-len result ][ if 0 >= pad-len: wd - length? s [return s] filler: form any [filler " "] result: head insert/dup make string! wd filler wd / length? filler ; If they gave us a multi-char filler, and it isn't evenly multiplied ; into the desired width, we have to add some extra chars at the end ; to make up for the difference. if wd > length? result [ append result copy/part filler wd - length? result ] pos: either center [ add 1 to integer! divide pad-len 2 ][ either right [add 1 pad-len][1] ] head change/part at result pos s length? s ] change-suffix: func [ {Changes the suffix of the string and returns the updated string.} string [any-string!] "The file, url, string, etc. to change." suffix [any-string!] "The new suffix." /local s ][ if #"." <> first suffix [suffix: join %. suffix] append either s: find string suffix? string [clear s][string] suffix ] backup-file-name: func [ {Generates a new backup file name by incrementing a numeric value and appending it after the suffix.} /local i num-suffix result ][ i: 0 num-suffix: does [join "." justify/right/with form i 3 "0"] while [exists? result: append copy data-file num-suffix][ i: i + 1 ] result ] ;---------------------------------------------------------------- ;-- App-specific functions evt-func: func [face event][ ;print [event/type event/offset event/key] switch event/type [ key [kb-handler face event] ] event ] shutdown: does [ if find system/view/screen-face/feel/event-funcs :evt-func [ remove-event-func :evt-func ] quit ] kb-handler: func [face event][ ;if face = main-lay [ switch event/key [ up [] down [] right [] left [] home [] ] ;] event ] pick-file: func [face /local f][ either f: request-file [ face/text: first f show face true ][false] ] create-default-target: does [ if all [ not empty? f-source/text any [none? f-target/text empty? f-target/text] ] [ f-target/text: change-suffix copy f-source/text "exe" show f-target ] ] item-ids: does [sort extract head items 2] add-new-item: func [ /local item last-id next-id ][ cur-item: item: make record [id: copy "" tool: first tools] cur-id: item/id append items reduce [item/id item] display-item item id-list/lines: item-ids show id-list focus f-id item ] delete-item: func [ id ][ if error? try [ remove/part find items id 2 id-list/lines: item-ids show id-list ][alert "Error deleting item!"] cur-id: cur-item: none clear-display show main-lay ] collect-data: func [ {Collects the data from the fields and updates the currently displayed item. Returns true on success; false otherwise.} /local ip-addr old-id ][ if all [cur-item cur-id] [ old-id: cur-id cur-item/id: copy f-id/text cur-item/source: attempt [to-rebol-file f-source/text] cur-item/target: attempt [to-rebol-file f-target/text] cur-item/tool: ch-tool/text ;cur-item/last-built: cur-item/notes: f-notes/text ;if old-id <> cur-id [ if old-id <> cur-item/id [ change find items old-id cur-item/id ] id-list/lines: item-ids show id-list ] true ] clear-display: does [ clear-fields main-lay f-id/text: f-source/text: f-target/text: none ch-tool/text: first tools f-notes/text: none ;chk-X/data: chk-Y/data: false ] save-data: func [ {Saves all data to disk.} /backup {Write data to the backup file instead of the main file.} /local out-data ][ save either backup [backup-file-name][data-file] items ] load-item: func [ {Make the specified item the current item. Returns the specified item.} id ][ if cur-item [collect-data] cur-item: select items cur-id: id ] display-item: func [ {Load the screen with the data from the given item.} item /load {Load the item as the current item before displaying it. If this refinement is used, the item parameter should be an item ID, not an item object.} /local lst ][ f-id/text: item/id f-source/text: item/source f-target/text: item/target ch-tool/text: item/tool f-notes/text: item/notes i-last-built/text: item/last-built show main-lay ] build: func [ "Build one or more projects" ids [block!] "IDs of items to build" ; /local orig-dir ][ foreach id ids [ items/:id/last-built: now if error? set/any 'err try [ orig-dir: what-dir call s: reduce [ select tools items/:id/tool " -p " items/:id/source " -o " items/:id/target ] ; change-dir first split-path items/:id/source ; call s: reduce [ ; select tools join orig-dir items/:id/tool ; " -p " items/:id/source " -o " items/:id/target ; ] ; change-dir orig-dir ][ alert mold disarm err ] if debug [print s] ] save-data ] help-lay: layout [ backdrop effect std-background across ;area 450x280 ; trim rejoin [ text-list 450x280 data parse/all trim rejoin [ {===Adding New Items} newline newline {Press New and then enter the item data in the fields. You don't have to save the data right away, though you can if you want to. As you move from item to item, all changes are stored in memory.} newline newline {===Deleting Items} newline newline {Make sure the item you want to delete is selected (i.e. currently displayed) and press Delete (ctrl+d). That's it.} newline newline {===Saving Data} newline newline {As you are working, the changes you make are stored in memory, but are not saved to disk. Pressing Save (ctrl+s) saves the data to disk. Data is also automatically saved when you press the Quit button (ctrl+q) (but not if you click on the x(close) button in the upper corner of the window, which gives you a way to avoid the auto-save).} newline newline ] "^/" button "OK" #"^o" [unview/only help-lay] ] main-lay: layout [ backdrop water effect std-background style text-list text-list with [ update-slider: does [ sld/data: 0 ; reset slider to top sn: 0; force text to re-display correctly sld/redrag lc / max 1 length? head lines show sld ] ] style lbl text black 50 style menu text style field field 400 style browse-btn button 25 bold "..." with [edge/size: 1x1] across origin 5x5 menu black "New" #"^n" [add-new-item] menu black "Delete" #"^d" [if cur-id [delete-item cur-id]] menu black "Save" #"^s" [collect-data save-data] ; Defining #"^h" causes backspace to trigger it also. So it's out for now. menu black "Help" [view/new/title help-lay "Item Information Help"] menu black "Quit" #"^q" [collect-data save-data save-data/backup shutdown] return guide pad 0x10 space 0x8 lbl "ID" f-id: field col-3: at return ;lbl "Name" f-name: field return lbl "Source" f-source: field [create-default-target] browse-btn [if pick-file f-source [create-default-target]] return lbl "Target" f-target: field browse-btn [pick-file f-target] return lbl "Tool" ch-tool: choice 175 data extract tools 2 return lbl "Built" i-last-built: info 175 center return lbl "Notes" f-notes: area 400x100 return status: text 400 "" at col-3 + 40x0 box water 2x265 pad 15x0 guide id-list: text-list 160 data item-IDs [ ; removed setting cur-id: in line here display-item load-item last face/picked ] return pad 0x-5 button 160 "Build Selected Projects" [ either empty? id-list/picked [ alert "Select one or more items to build." ][ build id-list/picked ] ] return ] if not find system/view/screen-face/feel/event-funcs :evt-func [ insert-event-func :evt-func ] view main-lay
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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