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REBOL [ Title: "REBOL Face Effect Lab" Date: 2-Apr-2001 Version: 1.3.2 File: %effect-lab.r Author: "Carl Sassenrath" Purpose: "Show combinations of effects." Email: %carl--rebol--com library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: none type: 'tool domain: [GUI] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] flash "Fetching image..." image-data: load read-thru/to %nyc.jpg unview effect: func [effect state /local ef][ ef: find sample/effect first effect if ef [remove/part ef length? effect] if state [append sample/effect effect] code/text: join "Effect: " mold sample/effect show sample show code ] reffect: func [eff stat] [effect reduce eff stat] main-styles: stylize [ fld: field 100x24 banner: image font [size: 18 style: none color: 255.255.100 shadow: 3x3] ] int: :to-integer sep: 0x26 a-tuple: func [val] [either error? val: try [to-tuple val][0.0.0][val]] crop-eff: [reffect ['crop load s10/text load s11/text] s09/data] grad-eff: [reffect ['gradient load s123/text a-tuple s22/text a-tuple s23/text] s21/data] gradcol-eff: [reffect ['gradcol load s223/text a-tuple s224/text a-tuple s225/text] s221/data] gradmul-eff: [reffect ['gradmul load s323/text a-tuple s324/text a-tuple s325/text] s321/data] colr-eff: [reffect ['colorize a-tuple s13/text] s12/data] mult-eff: [reffect ['multiply either 0.0.0 = z: a-tuple s17/text [either error? try [z: load to-file s17/text][0.0.0][z]][z]] s16/data] key-eff: [reffect ['key a-tuple s15/text] s14/data] luma-eff: [reffect ['luma load s27/text] s027/data] tint-eff: [reffect ['tint int (255 * s28/data - 128)] s028/data] cont-eff: [reffect ['contrast int (255 * s29/data - 128)] s029/data] gray-eff: [effect [grayscale] s030/data] invert-eff: [effect [invert] s130/data] difference-eff: [reffect ['difference either 0.0.0 = z: a-tuple s117/text [either error? try [z: load to-file s17/text][0.0.0][z]][z]] s116/data] embs-eff: [effect [emboss] s031/data] rfl-eff: [effect compose [reflect (load s132/text)] s032/data] std-eff: func ['effect stat-face val-face][ reffect [effect a-tuple val-face/text] stat-face/data ] main: layout [ styles main-styles banner 710x34 reform [system/script/header/title system/script/header/version] effect [gradient 0x1 120.0.0 50.0.0] space 2 sample: image image-data 300x300 code: area wrap "Effect:" 300x50 across ; button "Save to Clipboard" 180 ; button "Close" return ; vh3 "put right side in scrolling panel..." at sample/offset + (sample/size/x * 1x0) + 6x0 space 1 guide s011: toggle "Image" (a011: [error? try [sample/image: either s011/data [load to-file s010/text][none] show sample]]) s010: fld "nyc.jpg" a011 s001: toggle "Color" (a001: [sample/color: either s001/data [a-tuple s002/text][none] show sample]) s002: fld "0.0.100" a001 return s012: toggle "Aspect" [effect [aspect] s012/data] s01: toggle "Fit" [effect [fit] s01/data] s02: toggle "Tile" [effect [tile] s02/data] s03: toggle "Tile-View" [effect [tile-view] s03/data] return s06: toggle "Flip" [effect compose [flip (load s07/text)] s06/data] s07: fld "1x0" s08: rotary "Rotate" "Rotate 90" "Rotate 180" "Rotate 270" [effect pick [ [rotate 0][rotate 90][rotate 180][rotate 270]] index? s08/data s08/data <> 1] s130: toggle "invert" invert-eff return s09: toggle "Crop" crop-eff s10: fld "80x45" crop-eff s11: fld "80x50" crop-eff return s04: toggle "Blur" [effect [blur] s04/data] s05: toggle "Sharpen" [effect [sharpen] s05/data] s030: toggle "Grayscale" gray-eff s031: toggle "Emboss" embs-eff return s35: toggle "Cross" [std-eff cross s35 s351] s351: fld "255.150.50" [std-eff cross s35 s351] s34: toggle "Oval" [std-eff oval s34 s341] s341: fld "255.150.50" [std-eff oval s34 s341] return s12: toggle "Colorize" colr-eff s13: fld "250.150.50" colr-eff s16: toggle "Multiply" mult-eff s17: fld "nyc.jpg" mult-eff return s14: toggle "Key" key-eff s15: fld "200.150.50" key-eff s027: toggle "Luma" luma-eff s27: fld "10" luma-eff return s21: toggle "Gradient" grad-eff s123: fld "1x1" grad-eff s22: fld "255.20.20" grad-eff s23: fld "20.20.255" grad-eff return s221: toggle "Gradcol" gradcol-eff s223: fld "1x1" gradcol-eff s224: fld "0.255.255" gradcol-eff s225: fld "255.0.0" gradcol-eff return s321: toggle "Gradmul" gradmul-eff s323: fld "1x1" gradmul-eff s324: fld "0.255.255" gradmul-eff s325: fld "255.0.0" gradmul-eff return s028: toggle "Tint" tint-eff s28: slider 100x24 tint-eff s029: toggle "Contrast" cont-eff s29: slider 100x24 cont-eff return s032: toggle "reflect" rfl-eff s132: fld "1x0" rfl-eff s116: toggle "difference" difference-eff s117: fld "127.127.127" return s534: toggle "arrow" [std-eff arrow s534 s541] s541: fld "255.150.50" [std-eff arrow s534 s541] return ; vh2 "Need to Add:" return ; button "Grid" ; button "Round" ; button "Shadow" ; return ; button "Luma" ; return ; vh3 "Need palm tree image..." ] s011/state: s001/state: on sample/color: 0.0.100 sample/effect: [] view main
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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