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REBOL [ Title: "Display chess board" Date: 7-oct-2003 File: %display-chess-board.r Author: "Sunanda" Helpers: ["Gabriele Santilli" "Carl Read" "Anton Rolls"] Purpose: {Display a basic chess board and some moveable counters (use a mouse to drag and drop). The most-recently selected counter comes to the front, if it was obscured by other counters. Intended as a get-you-started set of ideas if you intend to write a board game, and a demo of VID feel and other useful techniques} Comment: { Derived from a basic example of mine and a question asked on the REBOL mailing list Sep-2002. Most of the ideas in the actual code come from the above named helpers. Definitely a stone soup script, this one. Thanks, guys. } library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: [all plugin] type: [demo game] domain: [game vid] plugin: [size: 470x500] tested-under: none support: none license: pd see-also: none ] Version: 1.0.0 ] unview/all ;; =========================== ;; Makes an image from a layout ;; ============================ make-counter: func [color [tuple!] /local image][ layout [ image: box 30x30 effect [draw [ pen none fill-pen color none circle 14x14 15 ]] ] to-image image ] ;; ================================ ;; Define styles for board elements ;; ================================ Board-elements: Stylize [ black-square: box 100.100.100 50x50 white-square: box white 50x50 ;; ----------------------------------------------- ;; counter is now an image - note the 'key effect ;; user to make the black in the image transparent. ;; ------------------------------------------------ counter: box 30x30 effect [key 0.0.0 oval] feel [engage: func [face action event] [ if action = 'down [move-to-end board/pane face start: event/offset] if find [over away] action [ face/offset: face/offset + event/offset - start show face ] ]] ] ;; ================================== ;; Move counter to "end" of layout -- ;; Thus popping it to the top of the ;; "z axis" -- so if the counter was ;; partially covered, it is now on top ;; ==================================== move-to-end: func [series item /local item-index item-value][ item-index: find series item item-value: first item-index remove item-index append series item-value show last series show item-value ] ;; ----------------------- ;; Define the board layout ;; ----------------------- board-row: copy [] loop 4 [ append board-row 'black-square append board-row 'white-square ] append board-row 'return board: copy [styles board-elements space 0x0 across] ;; 8 rows of alternating white and black squares ;; --------------------------------------------- loop 8 [append board head reverse/part board-row 8] append board [button 200x24 "change Color on Counter 1" [ counter-array/1/color: random 255.255.255 show counter-array/1 ] return ] ;; add counters to bottom of board ;; ------------------------------- counter-array: copy [] loop 8 [append board [ temp: counter do [append counter-array temp] ] ] view/new board: layout board ;; set random colors for counters ;; ------------------------------ foreach c counter-array [c/color: random 127.127.127 show c ] do-events
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage