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REBOL [ title: "Diff directorie" file: %diff-directories.r date: 03/12/2010 author: "nicolas" purpose: { Give a directory in parameter, => first launch return a block with the content of the directory => next launch, compare content of the directory with save data in a file named old-lst.txt and return new files and file that has changed } ] diff-directories: func [dir [file!] /date /full /local new-lst old-lst file diff diff-lst] [ diff-lst: [] new-lst: read dir forall new-lst [new-lst: back insert next new-lst get-modes dir/(new-lst/1) 'modification-date] old-lst: any [all [exists? fic: %old-lst.txt load fic] make block! 20] save %old-lst.txt new-lst if 0 < length? old-lst [ if any [date full] [ forskip new-lst 2 [ file: pick new-lst 1 new-date: select new-lst file old-date: select old-lst file if any [not new-date not old-date 0:00 < diff: difference new-date old-date][append diff-lst file] ] ] ] if not date [ new-lst: extract new-lst 2 either 0 < length? old-lst [ old-lst: extract old-lst 2 diff: difference new-lst old-lst append diff-lst diff ][append diff-lst new-lst] ] return copy diff-lst ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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