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REBOL [ Title: "using dict protocol from" Date: 17-Jul-2007 File: %dict-demo.r Author: "Brian Tiffin" Comment: "Based on work by Jeff Kreis" Purpose: {Some usage words for dict:// protocol based on RFC2229} Version: 0.9.3 Rights: "Copyright (c) 2007 Brian Tiffin" History: [ 0.9.0 17-Jul-2007 btiffin "First cut - mistakes non-zero probable" 0.9.1 17-Jul-2007 btiffin "Added demo, inclusion may be overkill" 0.9.2 18-Jul-2007 btiffin "moved demo out of scheme, lean mean" 0.9.3 27-Feb-2008 btiffin "corrected soundex and regexp arg handler" ] Library: [ level: 'advanced platform: 'all type: [demo how-to tool] domain: [text-processing scheme] tested-under: [ view and core and Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 ] support: none license: 'MIT see-also: {} ] Usage: { The url scheme defined in RFC2229 is: dict://<user>;<auth>@<host>:<port>/d:<word>:<database> dict://<user>;<auth>@<host>:<port>/m:<word>:<database>:<strat> For instance: read dict:// returns definitions of "rebel" or: read dict:// returns words that may match "reb", in the same manner as a spell-checker. Other strategies can be specified. See the RFC for details, or use strat: as the query type for a list. read dict:// returns the available databases. This port handler will also accept urls of this form: read dict:// which will return definitions for the word in question. Some port handler "extensions" from the RFC This handler is coded to return a block! of string! or a block! of blocks for definitions Also: default host is set to, See read dict:///d:word or read dict:///define:word for definitions read dict:///m:word or read dict:///match:word for matches and translations read dict:///help: will return a block of help read dict:///strat: will return the strategies for read dict:///info:db for database source and copyright info read dict:///server: system administrator server information read dict:///status: server status and timings without the colon, they are just words for definition Demo: To try out the samples, instead of just do %dict-scheme.r Use dict: do %dict-scheme.r as the information hiding context is returned by do. Then you can evaluate dict/demo } ] comment { This code is based on the work of Jeff Kreis, held at Jeff has coded his handler for direct port access, didn't work properly under REBOL [ Title: "REBOL dict Protocol $Revision: 1.0 $" Date: 19-Aug-1999 File: %dict.r Author: "Jeff Kreis" Email: %jeff--rebol--com Purpose: { Implements the dict protocol as per RFC2229. See for details. } ... ] } ;; Load in the scheme if none? in system/schemes 'dict [ either value? 'do-thru [ do-thru ][ do read ] ] ;; ;; Demo code, little regard for global namespace, well some ;; demo: has [showtell code tell out dp] [ showtell: func [str] [ tell/text: str show tell out/text: do tell/text show out print out/text ] either all [value? 'view? view?] [ view layout compose [ style bt btn 100 across h2 "dict:// port handler, see" h1 "" h2 "for details" below tell: field 426 out: area 426x140 across bt "Show DB" [showtell "read dict:///"] bt "Match Strategies" [showtell "read dict:///strat:"] bt "foldoc Info" [showtell "read dict:///info:foldoc"] bt "Server Summary" [showtell "read dict:///server:"] return bt "Define TCPIP" [showtell "read dict://"] bt "Translate SERVER" [ showtell "read dict://" ] bt "re Match c?rl$" [ showtell "read dict:///match:c?rl$:*:re" ] bt red "Canada" [showtell "read dict:///d:Canada:world95"] return btn "Close" [unview/all] btn "" [browse] ] ][ ;; no view tricks, just a sample do code: { print read dict:///match:hello:trans print read dict:///define:oxygen:elements print read dict:///define:corpus:bouvier print read dict:///match:Noah:hitchcock print read dict:///info:easton print read dict:// print read [ scheme: 'dict host: "" target: "define:UTF:foldoc" ] trace/net on print read dict:///server: print read [scheme: 'dict target: {match:^^^^c[a|u]rl$:*:re}] trace/net off } print ["Those queries look like this:" newline code] print ["Fun with words and the internet" newline "Please visit"] ] ] ;; Short blurb about what's included print ["You can now try: demo, def, thes, spell, soundex, regexp, trans, cia" newline "For demo and how-to...not thoroughly tested, maybe untrue"] ;; ;; Console utility words...these are all coded differently to demonstrate ;; def: func ["Look up a definition" 'str [word! string!] "Word to look up" /host 'server [word! string!] "The host, default" /database 'db [word! string!] "The database to use" /local url value ][ ;; while read url is nice and short, allow for weirdness url: rejoin [dict:// any [all [host server] ""] "/d:" str ":" any [all [database db] ""] ] if error? value: try [read url] [ print mold disarm value ;; try with block! url-parse may have kakked value: read compose [ scheme: 'dict host: (any [all [host server] ""]) target: (rejoin ["d:" str ":" any [all [database db] ""]]) ] ] print value ] thes: func ["Look in thesaurus" 'str [word! string!] "Word to look up" /host 'server [word! string!] "The host, default" /local url ][ ;; simple form, but may fail on actual url for 'word word' etc url: rejoin [dict:// any [all [host server] ""] "/d:" str ":moby-thes" ] print read url ] spell: func ["Look for matches" 'str [word! string!] "Word to look up, may be regex" /host 'server [word! string!] "The host, default" /database 'db [word! string!] "The database to use" /strategy 'strat [word! string!] "The strategy; prefix is default" /local value ][ value: read compose [ scheme: 'dict host: (any [all [host server] ""]) target: (rejoin ["m:" str ":" any [all [database db] "*"] ":" any [all [strategy strat] "prefix"]]) ] attempt [print extract/index parse first value none 2 2] ] soundex: func ['str] [spell/strategy :str "soundex"] regexp: func ['str] [spell/strategy :str "re"] endsinvowels: does [regexp "[a|e|i|o|u]{4}$"] trans: func ["Translate" 'str [word! string!] "Word to translate" /host 'server [word! string!] "The host, default" /local url value split ][ ;; simple form, but may fail on actual url for 'word word' etc url: rejoin [dict:// any [all [host server] ""] "/d:" str ":trans" ] ;; may not pull out correct fields, etc... value: read url print [length? value "translations for" str] foreach item value [ split: parse first item none print [split/2 split/4 split/5] ] ] cia: func ["WorldFacts" 'str [word! string!] "Country to look up" /host 'server [word! string!] "The host, default" /local url ][ ;; simple form, but may fail on actual url for 'word word' etc url: rejoin [dict:// any [all [host server] ""] "/d:" str ":world95" ] ;; display 1995 facts print read url ;; Worldfacts 2002 out as well, for comparison url: rejoin [dict:// any [all [host server] ""] "/d:" str ":world02" ] ;; return this value read url ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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