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REBOL [ title: "CRUD Builder" date: 10-Dec-2013 file: %crudbuilder.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { A simple GUI application builder. For each unique application, just copy this script to a new file name, edit the 'filename used to store record data (replace %mycruddatafile with a filename specific to each new app), and then edit the 'widgets block. Any field or area widgets assigned a label will automatically be included in the app (i.e., item, info, sku, and notes, in the demo app below). You can include any number of such widgets, and the app will automatically allow you to create, save, edit, retrieve and delete records containing all of the labeled field data. Select existing records using the automatically updated text-list widget. Create, save, and delete records using the buttons, and/or by using shortcut keystrokes (save: CTRL+S, new record: CTRL-N, delete currently selected record: DELETE key). } ] ;------------------------------- ; EDIT HERE: ;------------------------------- filename: %mycruddatafile widgets: [ h4 "Item:" item: field h4 "Description:" info: area wrap h4 "SKU:" sku: field h4 "Notes:" notes: field ] ;-------------------------------- fields: copy [] foreach widget widgets [ if (set-word! = (type? widget)) [append fields to-word widget] ] count: length? fields write/append filename "" dlt: does [ if true = request "Sure?" [ temp-block: copy [] foreach fld fields [ append temp-block compose do rejoin ["copy " fld "/text"] ] m: reduce temp-block remove/part find f: load filename do rejoin [fields/1 "/text"] count save filename f clr t/data: extract f count t/sld/redrag t/lc / max 1 length? head t/lines show g ] ] tl: does [ indx: (index? find t/data t/picked) - 1 * count repeat i (length? fields) [ wdgt: fields/:i cnt: i do rejoin [wdgt "/text: pick f (indx + cnt)"] ] show g ] clr: does [ foreach fc fields [ do rejoin ["clear-face " fc] ] do rejoin ["focus " fields/1] ] sv: does [ dlt save filename sort/skip repend f m count t/data: extract f count t/sld/redrag t/lc / max 1 length? head t/lines show g ] gui: [ backdrop white h2 "Existing Records:" t: text-list blue 400x100 data (extract f: load filename count) [tl] ] append gui widgets append gui [ box 1x10 white across btn "Save" #"^s" [sv] n: btn "New" #"^n" [clr] d: btn "Delete" #"^~" [dlt] btn "Edit Raw Data File" [editor filename] ] view center-face g: layout gui
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage