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REBOL [ Title: "Count and Download" Date: 20-Jul-2001 Version: 1.0.0 File: %counload.r Author: "Tommy Giessing Pedersen" Purpose: "Downloads numbered filenames from the internet." Email: %nite_dk--bigfoot--com Web: library: [ level: none platform: none type: none domain: [ftp other-net web GUI] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] secure none setup: make object! [ webpath: http:// destination: %./ filestart: "image" fileend: ".jpg" startnum: 0 mindig: 2 fails: 10 ] if exists? %counload.ini [ setup: do load %counload.ini ] view layout [ across tabs 150 label "Webpath:" tab wp: field make string! setup/webpath return label "Destination:" tab ds: field make string! setup/destination button 50x24 "dir" [ append ds/text request-list ds/text load make file! ds/text show ds ] return label "Filename start:" tab fs: field make string! setup/filestart return label "Filename end:" tab fe: field make string! setup/fileend return label "Initial number:" tab sn: field make string! join "" setup/startnum return label "Minimum digits:" tab md: field make string! join "" setup/mindig return label "Failures allowed:" tab fa: field make string! join "" setup/fails return button "Start" [ setup/webpath: make url! wp/text setup/destination: make file! ds/text setup/filestart: make string! fs/text setup/fileend: make string! fe/text setup/startnum: make integer! sn/text setup/mindig: make integer! md/text setup/fails: make integer! fa/text save %counload.ini setup unview ] ] num: make integer! setup/startnum err: make integer! 0 while [ greater? setup/fails err ] [ numstr: make string! join "" num while [ greater? setup/mindig length? numstr ] [ numstr: join "0" numstr ] remote: make url! rejoin [ setup/webpath setup/filestart numstr setup/fileend ] local: make file! rejoin [ setup/destination setup/filestart numstr setup/fileend ] prin rejoin [ setup/filestart numstr setup/fileend tab ] either exists? local [ print "skipped" ] [ either exists? remote [ write/binary local read/binary remote print "ok" ] [ err: err + 1 print rejoin [ "not found" tab err "/" setup/fails ] ] ] num: num + 1 ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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