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REBOL [ File: %collect.r Date: 10-Jan-2006 Author: "Gregg Irwin" Title: "Collect Function" Purpose: {Eliminate the "result: copy [] ... append result value" dance.} library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [function dialect] domain: [dialects] tested-under: [View 1.3.2 on WinXP by Gregg "And under a lot of other versions and products"] license: 'BSD support: none ] ] collect: func [ ; a.k.a. gather ? [throw] {Collects block evaluations.} 'word "Word to collect (as a set-word! in the block)" block [any-block!] "Block to evaluate" /into dest [series!] "Where to append results" /only "Insert series results as series" ;/debug /local code marker at-marker? marker* mark replace-marker rules ] [ block: copy/deep block dest: any [dest make block! []] ; "not only" forces the result to logic!, for use with PICK. ; insert+tail pays off here over append. ;code: reduce [pick [insert insert/only] not only 'tail 'dest] ; FIRST BACK allows pass-thru assignment of value. Speed hit though. ;code: reduce ['first 'back pick [insert insert/only] not only 'tail 'dest] code: compose [first back (pick [insert insert/only] not only) tail dest] marker: to set-word! word at-marker?: does [mark/1 = marker] ; We have to use change/part since we want to replace only one ; item (the marker), but our code is more than one item long. replace-marker: does [change/part mark code 1] ;if debug [probe code probe marker] marker*: [mark: set-word! (if at-marker? [replace-marker])] parse block rules: [any [marker* | into rules | skip]] ;if debug [probe block] do block head :dest ] ; Examples comment { ;collect/debug zz [repeat n 10 [zz: n * 100]] collect zz [] collect zz [repeat i 10 [if (zz: i) >= 3 [break]]] collect zz [repeat i 10 [zz: i if i >= 3 [break]]] collect zz [repeat i 10 [either i <= 3 [zz: i][break]]] dest: copy [] collect/into zz [repeat n 10 [zz: n * 100]] dest collect zz [for i 1 10 2 [zz: i * 10]] collect zz [for x 1 10 1 [zz: x]] collect zz [foreach [a b] [1 2 3 4] [zz: a + b]] collect zz [foreach w [a b c d] [zz: w]] collect zz [repeat e [a b c %.txt] [zz: file? e]] iota: func [n [integer!]][collect zz [repeat i n [zz: i]]] iota 10 collect zz [foreach x first system [zz: to-set-word x]] x: first system collect zz [forall x [zz: length? x]] x: first system collect zz [forskip x 2 [zz: length? x]] collect zz [forskip x 2 [zz: (length? x) / 0]] collect/only zz [foreach [a b] [1 2 3 4] [zz: a zz: b zz: reduce [a b a + b]]] collect/only zz [ foreach [a b] [1 2 3 4] [ zz: a zz: b zz: reduce [a b a + b] foreach n reduce [a b a + b] [zz: n * 10] ] ] dest: copy "" collect/into zz [repeat n 10 [zz: n * 100 zz: " "]] dest dest: copy [] collect/into zz [ foreach [num blk] [1 [a b c] 2 [d e f] 3 [g h i]] [ zz: num collect/only/into yy [ zz: blk foreach word blk [zz: yy: num yy: word] yy: blk ] dest ] ] dest }
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage