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REBOL [ title: "Windows clock sync" date: 28-feb-2009 file: %clock-sync.r purpose: { Synchronize your Windows date and time with the clock on your web server. The 4 line CGI script given at the end of this example prints out the current date and time on your web server, and this script reads it and sets the operating system clock to match it. (To do the same thing in Linux, see Ladislav Mecir's "set-system-time-lin" function at Taken from the tutorial at } ] dif: 7:00 ; difference between web server and your local time zone date: (to-date trim read + dif lib: load/library %kernel32.dll set-clock: make routine! [ systemtime [struct! []] return: [integer!] ] lib "SetSystemTime" current: make struct! [ wYear [short] wMonth [short] wDayOfWeek [short] wDay [short] wHour [short] wMinute [short] wSecond [short] wMilliseconds [short] ] reduce [ date/year date/month date/weekday date/day date/time/hour date/time/minute to-integer date/time/second 0 ] set-clock current free lib { ; Here's the CGI script that the above code needs (to obtain the date and time from the web server). ; Put it at the URL which is read when the 'date word above is set: #! /home/path/public_html/rebol/rebol -cs REBOL [title: "time"] print "content-type: text/html^/" print now }
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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