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REBOL [ title: "CGI Event Calendar" date: 18-Apr-2010 file: %cgi-event-calendar.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { A web site CGI application that displays events in the current calendar month, with links to specified event pages. Events are stored in the file %bb.db, in the format: ["event 1" 18-Apr-2010] ["event 2" 20-Apr-2010] ["event 3" 20-Apr-2010] This script uses code derived from Bohdan Lechnowsky's "HTML calendar". Taken from the tutorial at } ] #! /home/path/public_html/rebol/rebol -cs REBOL [] print "content-type: text/html^/" print {<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Event Calendar</TITLE></HEAD><BODY>} bbs: load %bb.db date: now/date html: copy rejoin [ {<CENTER><TABLE border=1 valign=middle width=99% height=99%> <TR><TD colspan=7 align=center height=8%><FONT size=5>} pick system/locale/months date/month { } date/year {</FONT></TD></TR><TR>} ] days: ["Sun" "Mon" "Tue" "Wed" "Thu" "Fri" "Sat"] foreach day days [ append html rejoin [ {<TD bgcolor="#206080" align=center width=10% height=5%> <FONT face="courier new,courier" color="FFFFFF" size="+1">} day {</FONT></TD>} ] ] append html {</TR><TR>} sdate: date sdate/day: 0 loop sdate/weekday // 7 + 1 [append html {<TD bgcolor=gray></TD>}] while [sdate/day: sdate/day + 1 sdate/month = date/month][ event-labels: {} foreach entry bbs [ date-in-entry: 1-Jan-1001 attempt [date-in-entry: (to-date entry/2)] if (date-in-entry = sdate) [ event-labels: rejoin [ {<font size=1>} event-labels "<strong><br><br>" {<a href="} to-string entry/3 {" target=_blank>} entry/1 {</a>} "</strong>" {</font>} ] ] ] append html rejoin [ {<TD bgcolor="#} either date/day = sdate/day ["AA9060"]["FFFFFF"] ; HERE, THE EVENTS ARE PRINTED IN THE APPROPRIATE DAY: {" height=14% valign=top>} sdate/day event-labels {</TD>} ] if sdate/weekday = 6 [append html {</TR><TR>}] ] loop 7 - sdate/weekday [append html rejoin [{<TD bgcolor=gray></TD>}]] append html {</TR></TABLE></CENTER></BODY></HTML>} print html
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage