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REBOL [ File: %call-spellchecker.r Date: 06-July-2006 Title: "Call Spellchecker" Version: 1.0.1 Author: "R. v.d.Zee" Rights: {Copyright R. v.d.Zee 2006} Purpose: {The script provides a basic spell check for Rebol text areas.} Notes: { The Ispell spell checker will be shown in the shell. Ispell is often found on Linux system, and Aspell is a more recent spell checker. A similar script can be used with Windows XP. See for Windows Ispell There is a complete Aspell installer for Windows XP: - from the web page Only the one file, the installer, is needed. The call script for Aspell might be a little different: call [%aspell/bin/aspell check %rebol-spellcheck-testFile.txt] Presenting the spell checker output in a REBOL layout might be the next step.... refer Spell Correcting Documents Under Linux, by Peter Hiscocks ... ispell output can be sent to a file for further work call [%/linux/usr/bin/ispell cat %rebol-spellcheck-testFile.txt | ispell -a > spelling-work ] (path to ispell may vary) } library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [tool how-to] domain: [text text-processing] tested-under: [XP Linux] support: none license: none ] ] home: what-dir spelling: layout [ backdrop black across space 0 typing: area 700x400 wrap font-size 15 orange orange scroller1: scroller 16x400 [scroll-para typing scroller1] return space 2 indent 200 button coal "Check" [ change-dir home write %rebol-spellcheck-testFile.txt typing/text oldfile-ID: checksum read %rebol-spellcheck-testFile.txt call [%/linux/usr/bin/ispell %rebol-spellcheck-testFile.txt] ;- when finished, Ispell writes the corrected text back to the file ;- poll the file every second to see if the file has changed ;- if the file has changed, reload and show it, and break out forever [ wait 1 newfile-ID: checksum read %rebol-spellcheck-testFile.txt if newfile-ID <> oldfile-ID [ typing/text: read %rebol-spellcheck-testFile.txt show typing focus typing break ] ] ] button coal "Script" [typing/text: read %call-spellchecker.r show typing] button coal "Quit" [quit] indent 50 image 90x25 logo.gif ] typing/text: { Jusst try the spelll checker with the "Ceck" buutton. Spell checking the script is not recommended... the spell checker will overwrite the script file. } focus typing view spelling
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage