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REBOL [ Title: "Web Site Builder" Date: 3-Jun-1999 File: %build-site.r Author: "Carl Sassenrath" Purpose: {The actual script that builds the REBOL web site (using a master template and a navigation structure).} library: [ level: 'advanced platform: 'all type: 'Tool domain: [file-handling html markup web] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] Version: 1.0.0 ] Verbose: on ; print more info Auto-expand: off ; auto expanding menus Source-Dir: %source ; where to find raw page content files Output-Dir: %www ; where to put the finished HTLM files site-path: "" ;****** REBOL Site Structure ************************************************** ; Specifies the structure of the web site, and is used to build the ; navigation menu on the left side of the screen. Menu: [ HOME %home.html none INTRODUCTION %introduction.html [ "In a Nutshell" %nutshell.html "REBOL Features" %features.html "REBOL with a Cause" %rebolcause.html "Messaging Language?" %msglang.html "REBOL in Ten Steps" %rebolsteps.html ] DOWNLOAD %downloads.html none LIBRARY %library.html [ "Script Library" %examples.html "User's Library" %userlib.html ] SUPPORT %support.html [ "How-To" %howto.html "Guides" %docs.html "Feedback" %feedback.html ] COMPANY %company.html [ "Mission & Vision" %mission.html "Fact Sheet" %factsheet.html ;"In the News" %inthenews.html "Backgrounder" %background.html "Executive Bios" %bios.html "To Contact Us" %contacts.html ] JOBS %jobs.html none ] Other-files: [ %application.html %jobthanks.html %missing.html %news9511.html %platforms.html %releases.html ;-- How-tos: %database.html %ftp.html %email-read.html %email-send.html %net-setup.html %series-format.html %tcp.html %web-read.html ] ;****** Utility Functions ***************************************************** error: func [msg] [print msg halt] ;****** HTML Template ********************************************************* ; Specifies the HTML template markers. These are words which will hold ; the location of the insertion points for various items in the template. ; The loop searchs for each word, then sets the word to the location. Markers: [menu-area content-area] ; must be unique words in the template Template: read source-dir/master.html item: template foreach word markers [ item: find item form word if none? item [error ["No template marker for:" word]] set word index? item remove/part item length? form word ] Updated-files: [] time-stamp: either exists? %timestamp.r [load %timestamp.r][1-1-1900] ;****** Builder Functions ***************************************************** make-page: func [ "Make the new web page with menus." file section title /local contents page ][ if not exists? source-dir/:file [error ["Missing source file:" file]] if all [time-stamp > modified? %build-site.r time-stamp > modified? source-dir/:file] [exit] if verbose [print ["Building:" file]] contents: read source-dir/:file if not parse contents [to "<body" thru ">" copy page to </body> to end][ error ["Invalid source file:" file] ] ; Insert the body html into the template at the desired position: page: head insert at copy template content-area page make-menu page section title insert find page </title> join " " title write output-dir/:file page append updated-files file ] make-menu: func [ "Make the approriate menu for a page." page section title /local menu-part ][ menu-part: at page menu-area foreach [menu-item file sub-menu] menu [ menu-part: link-menu menu-part file menu-item false all [menu-item = section title = section] if any [not auto-expand menu-item = section] [ ; we are in this section if sub-menu <> 'none [ foreach [titl file] sub-menu [ menu-part: link-menu menu-part file titl true titl = title ] ] ] menu-part: insert menu-part <P> ] ] link-menu: func [ "Create a linked menu item." menu-tail file text sub current ][ insert menu-tail reduce either current [[ either sub [{  <font size="1" color="#A00000">}][ {<font color="#A00000"><B>}] text<BR> either sub [</font>]["</font></B>"] ]][[ either sub [{  <font size="1">}][<B>] {<A HREF="} form file {">} text </A><BR> either sub [</font>][</B>] ]] ] ;****** Main Loop ************************************************************* foreach [section file sub-menu] menu [ make-page file section section if block? sub-menu [ foreach [title file] sub-menu [make-page file section title] ] ] foreach file other-files [ make-page file none none ] ;****** Upload Files ********************************************************** if find/match ask "Upload now? " "y" [ print "Uploading..." either exists? %userpass.r [do %userpass.r][ user: ask "Username? " pass: ask "Password? " ] foreach file updated-files [ print ["Uploading:" file] ;write join ftp:// [user ":" pass "@" site-path "/" file] read output-dir/:file ] ;save %timestamp.r now ] quit
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage