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REBOL [ title: "Blogger" date: 22-Apr-2010 file: %blogger.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { This program allows users to create and add entries to an online blog page. The GUI has text fields which allow the user to enter a title, link, and blog text, as well as a button to select an image file which will be uploaded and included in the blog entry. When the "Upload" button is clicked, an HTML file is created and uploaded to the user's web server, along with the image. Be sure to edit the ftp-url and html-url variables to represent actual user account information. A line by line explanation of this code is available at } ] page: "blog.html" ftp-url: ftp://user:%pass--site--com/public_html/folder/ html-url: join page save/png %dot.png to-image layout/tight [box white 1x1] ; blank image view center-face gui: layout [ h2 (form html-url) text "Title:" t: field 400 text "Link:" l: field 400 text "Image:" i: btn 400 [i/text: request-file show i] text "Text:" x: area 400x100 across btn "Upload" [ if error? try [existing-text: read html-url] [ make-dir ftp-url write (join ftp-url page) "" existing-text: copy "" ] picture: last split-path to-file i/text write/binary (join ftp-url picture) (read/binary to-file i/text) write (join ftp-url page) rejoin [ {<h1>} t/text {</h1>} {<img src="} picture {"><br><br>} now/date { } now/time {     } {<a href="} l/text {">} l/text {</a><br><br>} {<center><table width=80%><tr><td><pre><strong>} x/text {</strong></pre></td></tr></table></center><br><hr>} existing-text ] browse html-url ] btn "View" [browse html-url] btn "Edit" [editor (join ftp-url page)] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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