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;-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; example app. ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- rebol [ title: "args.r test" file: %args-test.r version: 0.1.6 date: 2008-12-10 author: "Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch" copyright: "Copyright (c) 2008 Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch" license: 'mit purpose: "Demonstrate the use of the args.r module on" note: "requires vprint.r and args.r modules from to be fetched prior." note2: "above modules should be in the same dir as this app. Optionally, you can put them in a subdir called libs ." ;-- REBOL.ORG header -- library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [ how-to ] domain: [ shell ] tested-under: [win view 2.7.5] license: 'MIT see also: "vprint.r args.r" ] ] either exists? %libs/ [ do %libs/vprint.r do %libs/args.r ][ do %vprint.r do %args.r ] ; remove following comment, if you want to see every parse step in action! ;von args: construct-args " -label this is a -33 negative test -value 44" compose/deep [ -address [ number integer! ; note that following args are optional, since they have default values. ; once defaut args are specified, ALL following args must also be optional, or an error is raised. ; note that in order to reach an optional arg, all previous args mush be given on the command-line ; eventually, we will allow the use of ** as a fill-in for the default value. street string! ["styx lane"] ; here the street has a default, so if ungiven, this is assumed ; these are even more optional, since no value need be given, each one will be assigned a value of none. office integer! [#11] zip-code string! [#[none]] ] -value [ number integer! decimal! [#222] ] -label [ lbl text! ["no label"] ] -quiet [switch! verbose [true]] -logfile [ logpath file! [ (join what-dir %test-args.log)] log? logic! [(true)]] -????? [switch! log? [false]] ] probe args if args/*error [ print args/*error ] ; here we use the verbose argument from the constructed args context. ; since -quiet wasn't given on the command-line, verbose is set. if args/verbose [ von ] vprint ["LABEL: " args/lbl] vprint ["logfile: " to-local-file args/logpath] vprint ["ADDRESS: " args/number " " args/street " #" args/office ", Abyssal city. Pandemonium "] vprint ["ZIP CODE: " args/zip-code] ask "..."
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage