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REBOL [ Title: "AnaMonitor" Date: 26-sep-2003 Version: 1.1.7 File: %anamonitor.r Author: "Romano Paolo Tenca" library: [ level: 'advanced platform: 'all type: 'tool domain: [] tested-under: none support: none license: "see context/license below" see-also: none ] Purpose: {To visually examine nested objects/blocks. Examples: ^-monitor ^-monitor system/words ^-monitor svv } History: [ [1.1.7 9-Nov-2001 {Moved some functions to fixed part, fixed sort block by type - uploaded rebsit}] [1.1.6 9-Nov-2001 {Added find, added none to sort, moved some code to fixed part- uploaded rebsite}] [1.1.5 8-Nov-2001 {Made the program self-contained and re-entering, added popup, added some unview/only, offset ly not more changed by preferences, choose in sort and intest, new go-to}] [1.1.3 4-Nov-2001 {Refresh false, added unset, added sortby, default cnname 21 - uploaded rebsite}] [1.1.2 4-Nov-2001 "Corrected a bug with resize - uploaded"] [1.1.1 3-Nov-2001 "Corrected some minor bugs - uploaded"] [1.1.0 2-Nov-2001 "First public release"] ] Email: %rotenca--libero--it Category: [2 vid view util] Copyright: {GNU General Public License - Copyright (C) Romano Paolo Tenca 2001} ] context [ header: context [ Title: "AnaMonitor" File: %AnaMonitor.r Email: %rotenca--libero--it Author: "Romano Paolo Tenca" Copyright: "GNU General Public License - Copyright (C) Romano Paolo Tenca 2001" Version: 1.1.7 Date: 09/11/01 license: { This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. } ] view*: system/view rig: func [data num [integer!]][ data: to-string data head insert/dup data " " max 0 num - length? data ] lef: func [data num [integer!]][ data: to-string data head insert/dup tail data " " max 0 num - length? data ] ;extract-ob: func [bl [block!] word [word!] /local res] [res: copy [] foreach x bl [insert tail res get in x word] head res] my-throw-on-error: func [ {Evaluates a block, which if it results in an error, throws that error. Patched for unset values} blk [block!] ][ if error? set/any 'blk try blk [throw blk] get/any 'blk ] get-path: func [ {Get the value of a path} [catch] path [path!] /anyv "Like /any in get/any" /ignore "Ignore functions refinements" /local b e get-in] [ my-throw-on-error [ get-in: func [p w [word! get-word! integer!]] [ if get-word? :w [ if error? try [w: get :w] [ make error! reduce ['script 'need-value :w] ] ] any [ if all [integer? :w any-block? :p] [ if error? try [return pick :p :w] [make error! reduce ['script 'out-of-range :w]] true ] if all [word? :w object? :p][ if error? try [return get/any in :p :w] [make error! reduce ['script 'not-defined :w]] true ] if any-function? :p [ if ignore [return :p] false ] make error! reduce ['script 'invalid-path :w] ] ] b: first head insert/only [] :path if error? try [e: get first :b] [ make error! reduce ['script 'no-value first :b] ] while [b: next :b not tail? :b] [ set/any 'e get-in :e first :b ] if all [unset? get/any 'e not anyv] [ make error! reduce ['script 'no-value :path] ] ] get/any 'e ] my-styles: stylize [ btn: button 44 navy btn50: button 50 navy h4n: h4 navy ] port2ob: func [port /local x x2 nuovalinea before err line][ x: mold port while [error? err: try [load x]] [ xl: parse/all x "^/" err: disarm err parse/all err/near ["(line " thru ") " copy line to end] parse line [copy before thru ": " copy value to end] nuovalinea: rejoin [before {"} "*** CHANGED WAS: " to-string value {"}] x2: find x line remove/part x2 length? line insert x2 nuovalinea ] parse/all x [ any [ set-word! h: " unset" (h: change/part h "^"*** CHANGED WAS: unset^"" 6) :h | h: "make object! [...]" (h: change/part h "self" 18) :h | skip ] ] do x ] get-item: func [ob [block! object! list! hash!] name [string!]][ either object? ob [get/any in ob to-word name] [pick ob to-integer name] ] pathstr: func [item][ rejoin [item/pathto either item/pathto <> "" ["/"][""] item/nameob] ] intest: func [linea][linea: parse linea none rejoin [linea/1 " " linea/2]] clip: func [data /local ritorno] [ ritorno: copy "" foreach item data [insert tail ritorno join item "^/"] write clipboard:// ritorno ] clipname: func [ctx /local value] [ value: either string? ctx/f-lista/picked/1 [value: first parse ctx/f-lista/picked/1 none][""] value: rejoin [pathstr ctx/histem/1 "/" value] write clipboard:// value ] alerta: func [testo face][ face/text: rejoin ["ATTENTION: " testo " !!"] show face ] where?: func [lista /local whe] [either whe: find lista/texts lista/picked/1 [index? whe][1]] redrag-txt: func [face sld][sld/redrag min 1 face/size/y / second size-text face] scroll-to: func [ar sld txt /local xy] [ xy: (caret-to-offset ar txt) - ar/para/scroll ar/para/scroll: min 0x0 ar/size / 2 - xy sld/data: (second xy) / max 1 second size-text ar show [sld ar] ] change-sn: func [face whe /local len][ len: length? face/texts if face/sn >= whe [face/sn: max 0 min len - face/lc whe - 1] if face/sn <= (whe - face/lc) [face/sn: max 0 (whe - face/lc)] face/sld/data: face/sn / max 1 (len - face/lc) face/sld/redrag face/lc / max 1 len ] find-text: func[ar sld s s-pos][ if all [s not-equal? s ""][ s-pos: any [s-pos head ar/text] focus ar if s-pos: find any [view*/caret s-pos] s [ view*/highlight-start: view*/caret: s-pos view*/highlight-end: s-pos: find/tail any [view*/caret s-pos] s scroll-to ar sld s-pos ] ] s-pos ] viewsubface: func [ name [string!] text-data [string!] ctx [object!] /fixed /nowrap /local h s-pos s xf namef wrapf ar sld ][ either fixed [namef: font-fixed] [namef: font-sans-serif] either nowrap [wrapf: 'no-wrap] [wrapf: 'wrap] ctx/subface: view/new/offset/title/options layout [ origin 10x10 size ctx/sfsize backcolor pewter styles my-styles space 2 across btn "Copy" [write clipboard:// ar/data] btn "Wrap" "^^W" #"^w" [ unfocus ar ar/line-list: none ar/para/wrap?: ar/para/wrap? xor true redrag-txt ar sld show [ar sld] ] btn "Font" "^^F" #"^f" [ unfocus ar ar/line-list: none ar/font/name: either ar/font/name = font-fixed [font-sans-serif][font-fixed] redrag-txt ar sld show [ar sld] ] btn "Find" "f3" keycode [f3 #"^s"] [ s: either all [ view*/highlight-start view*/highlight-end ][copy/part view*/highlight-start view*/highlight-end][""] h: false inform layout [ styles my-styles backcolor pewter xf: field s [s: value h: true hide-popup] across btn50 "OK" [s: xf/text h: true hide-popup] btn50 navy "Cancel" [hide-popup] do [focus xf] ] if h [s-pos: find-text ar sld s s-pos] ] btn "Next" "f4" keycode [f4 #"^n"] [ s-pos: find-text ar sld s s-pos ] return h: at space 0 ar: area ctx/sfsize - 16x0 - h - 10x10 snow snow font-size ctx/prefs/fontsize font-name namef wrapf text-data #"^(esc)" [unview/only ctx/subface] sld: slider ctx/sfsize - h - 10x10 * 0x1 + 16x0 [scroll-para ar sld] do [ ar/para: make ar/para [] ar/font: make ar/font [] redrag-txt ar sld ctx/ar: ar ctx/sld: sld ] ] ctx/sf-off name [resize] ] viewhelp: func [ctx /local ar sld x][ x: copy "" foreach l help-string [insert tail x join l "^/"] if ctx/helpface [ unview/only ctx/helpface ] ctx/helpface: view/new/offset layout [ origin 10x10 size 560x400 backcolor pewter across space 0 ar: area 540x370 - 16x0 bold 203.204.205 203.204.205 font-name font-fixed feel [engage: none] x keycode [f1 #"^(esc)"] [unview/only ctx/helpface] sld: slider ar/size * 0x1 + 16x0 [scroll-para ar sld] space 2 return button navy 100 "Help" [ar/text: x redrag-txt ar sld show ar] button navy 100 "Licence" [ar/text: header/license redrag-txt ar sld show ar] do [ redrag-txt ar sld ] ] ctx/ly/offset + 13x25 ] preferences: func [ctx /local sv ly-old useprefs prefs][ prefs: ctx/prefs if ctx/ly-pref [unview/only ctx/ly-pref] sv: make prefs [] useprefs: does [ ly-old: ctx/ly ctx/ly: layout ctx/lyb ctx/refresh view/new/options/offset/title ctx/ly [resize] ly-old/offset header/title unview/only ly-old unview/only ctx/ly-pref ] ly-pref-b: [ styles my-styles backcolor pewter ;origin 15x15 guide h4 "Double-click" h4 "Sort List" h4 "Hide unset value" h4 "List font size:" h4 "Sortby:" return space 10 check prefs/dbcl [prefs/dbcl: value] check prefs/sort [prefs/sort: value] check prefs/nounset [prefs/nounset: value] space 7 field 50 to-string prefs/fontsize [if value <> "" [prefs/fontsize: to-integer value]] h: at h4 50 navy pewter copy prefs/sortby [ choose/window/offset ["Name" "Type"] func [face btn] [prefs/sortby: copy face/text] ctx/ly-pref h - 20x5 face/data: face/texts/1: face/text: copy prefs/sortby ] return across space 10 btn50 navy "Save" [save ctx/fileprefs third prefs useprefs] btn50 navy "Use" [useprefs] btn50 navy "Cancel" #"^(esc)"[prefs: make sv [] unview/only ctx/ly-pref] ] view/new/title ctx/ly-pref: center-face/with layout ly-pref-b ctx/ly "Preferences" ] help-string: reduce [ header/title join "by " header/author "" { help = F1 = help back = F2 = left = go back in the history forw = F3 = right = go forward in the history refr = F5 = ^^R = refresh the list probe = F6 = ^^P = probe the block (only valid on block!) copy = ^^C = copy list to clipboard cpnm = ^^X = copy the path to clipboard exe = ^^E = execute a command (right click for new shell) prefs = set some prefs sort = sort the list (make a refresh) up down page-down page-up end home return browse the list click on an item to view (object/block/pair/tuple/function...) Attention: port are listed with a trick } rejoin ["Version: " header/version " " header/date] join "Report bugs and wish to : " header/email header/copyright ] ;not shared part cb: [ ly: ly-exe: f-lista: f-text: f-intest: f-sort: f-sort-lab: f-unset: f-unset-lab: f-console: f-console-sld: none ar: sld: f-console: h: ly-exeb: none cntype: cnname: linelen: cnblock: 0 ly-pref: none sf-off: 40x40 linelen: 200 cntype: 9 cnname: 21 cnblock: 4 helpface: subface: none histem: copy [] fileprefs: system/script/path/anampref.r prefs: context [ dbcl: false sort: false fontname: font-fixed fontsize: 12 wsize: 630x435 woffset: 50x50 nounset: false sortby: "Name" ] wsize: prefs/wsize ly-exesize: sfsize: prefs/wsize - 25x25 itemob: context [ob: nameob: pathto: type: sorted: sortby: nounset: refresh: listall: none whe: 1 listanomi: copy []] scan: [ object! 'oblist port! 'portlist block! 'blklist hash! 'blklist list! 'blklist ] scanview: [ function! 'funcview native! 'funcview action! 'funcview op! 'funcview string! 'stringview bitset! 'stringview image! 'imageview tuple! 'tupleview pair! 'pairview port! 'portview ] listall: func [item [object!] /local x] [ if x: select scan type?/word get in item 'ob [ item/listanomi: copy [] item/sorted: item/nounset: false return do x item ] false ] portlist: func [item /local attrs tipo altro] [ if error? try [item/ob: port2ob item/ob] [alerta "Can't list this port" f-intest return false] item/ob/self: item/ob attrs: next second item/ob foreach el next first item/ob [ tipo: type? first attrs altro: to-string either unset? first attrs ["unset"] [blobval first attrs] insert tail item/listanomi rejoin [lef el cnname " " lef tipo cntype " : " altro] attrs: next attrs ] true ] oblist: func [item /local attrs tipo altro] [ attrs: second item/ob foreach el first item/ob [ tipo: type? first attrs altro: copy "" altro: either unset? first attrs ["unset"] [blobval first attrs] insert tail item/listanomi rejoin [lef el cnname " " lef tipo cntype " : " altro] attrs: next attrs ] true ] blklist: func [item /local tipo altro x] [ if 0 = length? item/ob [return false] x: 0 foreach el item/ob [ tipo: type? :el altro: copy "" insert tail altro either unset? :el ["unset"][blobval :el] x: x + 1 insert tail item/listanomi rejoin [rig x cnblock " " lef tipo cntype ": " altro] ] true ] viewall: func [el name [string!] /local x] [ x: select scanview type?/word :el either found? x [ if subface [ sf-off: subface/offset if subface/show? [unview/only subface] subface: none ] do x :el name ] [none] ] funcview: func [f name /local ritorno] [ ritorno: copy "" insert tail ritorno mold to-set-path name insert tail ritorno "^/" if function? :f [insert tail ritorno " func"] insert tail ritorno mold third :f if function? :f [insert tail ritorno mold second :f] viewsubface/fixed name ritorno self ] stringview: func [el name] [ viewsubface name mold/only :el self ] portview: func [el name] [ viewsubface/fixed name mold/only :el self ] viewprobe: func [item] [ if block? item/ob [ if subface [ sf-off: subface/offset if subface/show? [unview/only subface] ] viewsubface/fixed item/nameob mold item/ob self ] ] pairview: func [el name] [ if not any [ el/x <= 0 el/y <= 0 el/x > view*/screen-face/size/x el/y > view*/screen-face/size/y ] [ subface: view/new/offset/title layout [ origin 10x10 backcolor pewter h4 font-size prefs/fontsize rejoin [name " : " :el] box :el yellow key #"^(esc)" [unview/only subface] ] sf-off "Pair" ] ] tupleview: func [el name] [ if 3 = length? el [ subface: view/new/offset/title layout [ origin 10x10 backcolor pewter h4 font-size prefs/fontsize rejoin [name " : " :el] box 90x90 edge [color: coal size: 2x2] :el key #"^(esc)" [unview/only subface] ] sf-off "Tuple" ] ] imageview: func [el name] [ subface: view/new/offset/title layout [ origin 10x10 backcolor pewter h4 font-size prefs/fontsize name image :el key #"^(esc)" [unview/only subface] ] sf-off "Image" ] blobval: func [x /local x1 x2 x3] [ x1: [rejoin ["[" length? :x " " index? :x "/" length? head :x "]"]] x2: [copy/part trim/lines mold third :x linelen] x3: [copy/part trim/lines mold :x linelen] switch/default type?/word :x [ block! x1 hash! x1 list! x1 object! [copy/part rejoin ["[" length? first :x "] " mold first :x] linelen] port! ["(click me)"] function! x2 action! x2 native! x2 op! x2 word! [copy/part join "'" mold :x linelen] string! [copy/part rejoin [ do x1 " " do x3] linelen] ] x3 ] changelista: func [item /local temp] [ if prefs/nounset <> item/nounset [ either prefs/nounset [ item/listall: copy item/listanomi while [not tail? item/listanomi] [ either equal? second parse first item/listanomi " " "unset" [ item/listanomi: remove item/listanomi ] [ item/listanomi: next item/listanomi ] ] item/listanomi: head item/listanomi ][ item/listanomi: item/listall item/listall: none ] item/nounset: prefs/nounset item/whe: 1 ] if any [prefs/sort <> item/sorted prefs/sortby <> item/sortby][ offsort: either select reduce [block! hash! list!] item/type [ select reduce ["Name" 0 "Type" cnblock + 2 "Value" cnblock + 2 + cntype] prefs/sortby ][ select reduce ["Name" 0 "Type" cnname + 1 "Value" cnname + 1 + cntype] prefs/sortby ] if prefs/sort [ sort/compare item/listanomi func [a b][lesser? skip a offsort skip b offsort] ] item/sorted: prefs/sort item/sortby: prefs/sortby ] if all [item/refresh temp: find item/listanomi item/refresh][ item/whe: index? temp item/refresh: false ] f-intest/text: rejoin [ index? histem "/" length? head histem " -- " pathstr item " (" item/type ")" ] f-lista/texts: f-lista/lines: f-lista/data: item/listanomi f-lista/picked: reduce [pick f-lista/texts item/whe] change-sn f-lista item/whe show f-intest show f-lista ] selec: func [value /local new tipo x item] [ item: first histem tipo: item/type new: first parse value none if all [ not unset? set/any 'x get-item item/ob new not equal? :x item/ob ] [ any [ if found? find scan type?/word :x [ newlist new :x item ] if found? find scanview type?/word :x [ viewall :x rejoin [pathstr item "/" new] ] ] ] ] go-to: func [ind [integer!]] [ if all [not tail? ind: skip head histem (ind - 1) ind <> histem][ histem/1/whe: where? f-lista histem: ind changelista histem/1 ] ] go-back: does [go-to -1 + index? histem] go-forward: does [go-to 1 + index? histem] refresh: has [item] [ item: histem/1 item/whe: where? f-lista item/refresh: pick item/listanomi item/whe listall item changelista item item/refresh: none ] newstart: func[value /local start][ either all [ value <> "" not error? try [ start: get-path to-path load value ] ] [if not restart value :start [alerta "Invalid Type!" f-intest]] [alerta "Invalid Value!" f-intest] ] engage-tl: func [face action event /local len whe] [ if action = 'key [ len: length? face/texts either not found? find face/texts face/picked/1 [ clear face/picked whe: 1 insert/only tail face/picked pick face/texts whe ] [ whe: index? find face/texts face/picked/1 whe: switch/default event/key [ up [max 1 whe - 1] down [min len whe + 1] home [1] end [len] page-up [max 1 whe - face/lc + 1] page-down [min len whe + face/lc - 1] #"^M" [selec face/picked/1 -1] #" " [selec face/picked/1 -1] right [go-forward -1] #"^(esc)" [go-back -1] left [go-back -1] ] [whe] if whe <> -1 [ clear face/picked face/picked: reduce [pick face/texts whe] ] ] if whe <> -1 [change-sn face whe] show face ] ] engage-iter: func[f a e][ if a = 'down [ if cnt > length? head lines [exit] if not e/control [f/state: cnt clear picked] alter picked f/text if any [not prefs/dbcl e/double-click] [do :act slf f/text] ] if a = 'up [f/state: none] show pane ] newlist: func [name [string!] start parent /local newitem ][ newitem: make itemob [ nameob: copy name ob: :start pathto: either none? parent [copy ""][pathstr parent] type: type? :start ] either listall newitem [ if not empty? histem [histem/1/whe: where? f-lista] clear next histem histem: back insert next histem newitem changelista newitem true ][ newitem: none false ] ] hist-list: func [face /local hist hista][ hist: copy [] hista: back tail histem while [not 25 <= length? hist][insert hist rejoin [rig index? hista 3 " " pathstr first hista] if head? hista [break] hista: back hista] choose/window/offset/style hist func [face btn][go-to to-integer first parse face/text " "] ly f-intest/size * 0x1 + face/offset make-face/size/spec/clone 'button f-intest/size [font: make font [align: 'left]] ] restart: func [name [string!] start /local newitem] [ if not found? find scan type?/word :start [return false] if newlist name :start none [return true] ;viewall :start name false ] lyb: [ origin 10x10 size wsize backcolor pewter styles my-styles across space 5x1 f-intest: h4 navy pewter first wsize - 162 bold "" [hist-list face] f-unset-lab: h4 60 navy no-wrap "No Unset" feel [engage: none] f-unset: check prefs/nounset [prefs/nounset: f-unset/data refresh] f-sort-lab: h4 30 navy "Sort" [ choose/window/offset ["None" "Name" "Type"] func [face btn] [ either face/text = "None" [prefs/sort: f-sort/data: false] [prefs/sortby: copy face/text prefs/sort: f-sort/data: true] ] ly face/offset - 40x5 refresh show f-sort ] f-sort: check prefs/sort [prefs/sort: f-sort/data refresh] return space 1 btn "Back" "F2" [go-back] keycode [f2] btn "Forw" "F3" [go-forward] keycode [f3] btn "Refr" "^^R/F5" [refresh] keycode [f5 #"^r"] btn "Probe" "F6" [viewprobe histem/1] keycode [f6 #"^p"] btn "Copy" "^^C" [clip f-lista/data] keycode [#"^c"] btn "CpNm" "^^X" [clipname self] keycode [#"^x"] btn "Exe" "^^E" [exe] [launch ""] keycode [#"^e"] btn "Pref" [Preferences self] space 2 btn "Help" "F1" [viewhelp self] keycode [f1] space 5 h: at f-text: field wsize/x - h/x - 10 copy "Insert the name of object/block" [newstart value] return f-lista: text-list wsize - 20x56 black font-name font-fixed font-size prefs/fontsize no-wrap data "" [selec value] do [ f-lista/feel: make f-lista/feel [engage: :engage-tl] bind second :engage-iter in f-lista 'self f-lista/iter/feel: make f-lista/iter/feel [engage: :engage-iter] ] ] Monitor: func ["Visual monitor of objects/blocks" 'start [any-type!]/local startname name ev] [ if not value? 'start [start: 'system] name: form :start any [ if path? :start [start: get-path :start true] if any-word? :start [start: get/any :start true] ] if any [ unset? :start not found? find scan type?/word :start ] [ print ["Invalid argument. Not one of:" extract scan 2] exit ] if exists? fileprefs [ prefs: make prefs load/all fileprefs ] svv/vid-colors/body: reduce [navy 255.180.55] wsize: prefs/wsize ly-exesize: sfsize: prefs/wsize - 25x25 ly: layout lyb if restart name :start [ focus f-lista view/new/options/offset/title ly [resize] prefs/woffset header/title insert-event-func ev: func[face event] [ switch event/type [ resize [ switch event/face reduce [ subface [resizesf event/face] ly [resize-ly event/face] ly-exe [resize-ly-exe event/face] ] return none ] key [ if all [ ly = event/face view*/focal-face <> f-lista ][ either view*/focal-face = f-text [ if event/key = #"^(esc)" [ focus f-lista return none ] ][ focus f-lista ] ] ] ] event ] do-events remove-event-func :ev svv/vid-colors/body: reduce [40.100.130 255.180.55] none ] ] exe: has [value result command ly-exeoff ex err h] [ ex: func [][ command: f-console/text if all [not none? command command <> ""] [ either error? set/any 'err try [set/any 'result do command] [ err: disarm err print ["** Error: " reduce bind to-block (get err/id) in err 'self] print ["** Near: " err/near] ][ print ["==" either value? 'result [:result]['unset]] ] ] refresh ] command: copy "" if not empty? f-lista/picked [ command: copy f-lista/picked/1 if not none? command [ command: first parse command none command: rejoin [pathstr histem/1 "/" command ] ] ] ly-exeoff: sf-off if not none? ly-exe [ly-exeoff: ly-exe/offset unview/only ly-exe] ly-exesize: 500x200 ly-exe: layout ly-exeb: [ origin 10x10 size ly-exesize backcolor pewter across button navy "Exe" "^^E" #"^E" [ex] button navy "Close" "^^Q" keycode [#"^Q" #"^(esc)"] [unview/only ly-exe focus f-lista] return h: at space 0 f-console: area ly-exesize - h - 16x0 - 10x10 snow white font-name font-fixed font-size prefs/fontsize command [] f-console-sld: slider f-console/size * 0x1 + 16x0 [scroll-para f-console f-console-sld] do [ redrag-txt f-console f-console-sld deflag-face f-console 'tabbed ] ] focus f-console view/new/offset/title/options ly-exe ly-exeoff "Insert a command to execute" [resize] ] resizesf: func [face /local minsize deltasize][ minsize: 300x200 face/size: max face/size minsize deltasize: face/size - sfsize sfsize: face/size ar/size: ar/size + deltasize ar/line-list: none sld/size/y: ar/size/y sld/offset/x: ar/offset/x + ar/size/x redrag-txt ar sld scroll-para ar sld show face ] resize-ly-exe: func [face /local minsize deltasize][ minsize: 300x200 face/size: max face/size minsize deltasize: face/size - ly-exesize ly-exesize: face/size f-console/size: f-console/size + deltasize f-console/line-list: none f-console-sld/size/y: f-console/size/y f-console-sld/offset/x: f-console/offset/x + f-console/size/x redrag-txt f-console f-console-sld ;scroll-para f-console f-console-sld show face ] resize-ly: func [face /local minsize ly-old][ minsize: 600x430 face/size: max face/size minsize cnname: to-integer cnname * face/size/x / wsize/x wsize: face/size ly-old: ly ly: layout lyb refresh view/new/options/offset/title ly [resize] face/offset header/title unview/only ly-old ] ] set 'Monitor func ["Visual monitor of objects/blocks" 'start [any-type!]] [ either value? 'start [do in context cb 'monitor :start][do in context cb 'monitor] ] ] ;all what follow can be commented out or cancelled if not value? 'my_local_user [ monitor system ask "Return to Quit, Esc for Shell" ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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