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2 scripts tagged as: [author  ·  daniel sirotzke]

runner.r4.5 KB
18 Oct 2013
Run rebol scripts or open websites at certain time intervals. For example, I use it with an email-checking script and a few others I just felt like compressing it to save some space - I use floppy disks a lot. do this in the console to get the source: write %RunnerDecomp.txt decompress pick (load %Runner.r) 3
author: Izkata
User Server
unpack.r5.6 KB
18 Oct 2013
I created this to load websites and chek my email, as well as a few other things, at certain intervals. Basically: 'call a script or 'browse a website when the counter reaches zero. This Unpack.r file creates 2 Rebol files - run Startup.r to use this script.
author: Izkata