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Script history for rebolide.r

Most information has been kept since about 13-March-2003

Last updated

Added or last updated on: 7-Sep-2012



Tagged as

author//massimiliano vessi

Version history

Submission versionVersion in scriptUpdated byWhenPublic?Update note
10.0.4crazyaxe31-Dec-2010 12:30Yesnew script
20.0.5crazyaxe3-Jan-2011 16:53Yes
31.0.1crazyaxe4-Jan-2011 13:36YesQuite perfect...
41.0.5crazyaxe4-Jan-2011 22:51YesVID, handler guides added. Working on DRAW.
51.1.6crazyaxe5-Jan-2011 16:03YesNow it's complete.
61.1.7crazyaxe5-Jan-2011 16:09YesCorrected Curv label
71.1.7crazyaxe12-Jan-2011 17:13YesAdded function, block, object indexing!!!
81.1.7crazyaxe12-Jan-2011 17:14Yes
91.1.8crazyaxe12-Jan-2011 17:14Yes
101.1.8crazyaxe13-Jan-2011 10:50Yes
111.1.9crazyaxe14-Jan-2011 15:34Yes
121.1.9crazyaxe14-Jan-2011 15:38YesMinor bugs
131.1.10crazyaxe14-Jan-2011 15:55YesMinor bugs
142.1.13crazyaxe28-Jan-2011 12:32YesVery improved!
152.1.13crazyaxe28-Jan-2011 12:33YesMinor bugs
162.1.14crazyaxe28-Jan-2011 12:39YesAdded thanks...
172.2.16crazyaxe28-Jan-2011 13:58YesNow it doesn't crash checking words of bad scripts
182.2.17crazyaxe27-May-2011 15:42YesAdded round function
193.2.17crazyaxe15-Jul-2011 10:20YesAdded cross-paltform core manual viewer!!!
203.2.18crazyaxe24-Oct-2011 13:43YesAdded rebgui version check!
213.2.19crazyaxe11-May-2012 16:21YesAdded all functions to "alert"
223.3.23crazyaxe20-Jul-2012 13:27Yes
233.3.24crazyaxe20-Jul-2012 16:09Yes
243.3.25crazyaxe20-Jul-2012 16:41YesAdded request-donwload to downlad rebgui, it's cooler!
253.3.25crazyaxe22-Jul-2012 8:02Yes
263.3.28crazyaxe23-Jul-2012 11:23Yes
273.3.29crazyaxe23-Jul-2012 16:12YesA lot of buttons
283.4.30crazyaxe24-Jul-2012 12:24YesA lot of buttons
294.4.32crazyaxe24-Jul-2012 14:25YesAdded all function (I hope)
304.4.35crazyaxe24-Jul-2012 16:06YesAdded a lot of buttons!
315.4.36crazyaxe25-Jul-2012 12:58YesComplete!
325.4.38crazyaxe26-Jul-2012 15:17YesI accidentally deleted the testo wdiget. Now it's back
[live] 335.4.39crazyaxe7-Sep-2012 14:15YesDone

Public versions

A public version (has Yes in the Public? column) is one that any user can view, even if it is no longer the most recent version.

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