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Documentation for: vprint.r

Usage document for %vprint.r

1. Introduction to verbose logging control

This library script is for inclusion in other programs and allows sophisticated logging and program debugging through use of a virtual console concept.

Please note. This document is a work in progress. There are advanced features that need usage examples. This is posted early to make REBOL users aware of this powerful logging utility. 06-May-2007

2. vprint At a Glance

 >> von/tags [one]
 == none
 >> vprint/tags "This gets displayed, the tagging symbol matches" [one]
 This gets displayed, the tagging symbol matches
 == none
 >> vprint/tags "This isn't displayed, the tagging does not match current logging tag" [two]
 == none

The v in vprint, may be thought of as both verbose and virtual.

3. Using %vprint.r

Including these tools is simple. Just DO it.

 >>do %vprint.r

or to execute this right out of the library


3.1. Utility word list

You now have access to the following virtual console control and output utilities:
von Turn on verbosity /tags tags and /log tags
voff Turn off verbosity /tags tags and /log tags
vin txt Indents starting with txt and a literal [ /always /error and /tags tags
vout ends indented verbose output with a literal ] /always /error /tags tags and /return data
vprint verbose print with newline /in /out /always /error and /tags tags
vprin verbose print without newline /in /out /always /error and /tags tags
vprobe verbose probe /in /out /always /error /tags tags and /part amount
v?? name verbose display of variable name with molded value /always /error /tags tags
vlogclear blanks out current verbose logfile
vflush flushes current verbose printing to current log file accepts /disk file
 >> help vprint
     VPRINT data /in /out /error /always /tags ftags

      verbose print
      VPRINT is a function value.

      data -- (Type: any)

      /in -- indents after printing
      /out -- un indents before printing. Use none so that nothing is printed
      /error -- like always, but adds stack trace
      /always -- always print, even if verbose is off
          ftags -- only effective if one of the specified tags exist in vtags (Type: any)

4. Some advanced features

This section will be updated. Two quick notes.

  • Setting lib-vprint-ctx/vconsole: to a block!, will log output to the block
  • Setting lib-vprint-ctx/vlogfile: to a file! will log output to the file.

5. Credits

%vprint.r Original author: Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
  • The Library Team
  • Usage document by Brian Tiffin, Library Team Apprentice, Last updated: 6-May-2007