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Documentation for: simple-test.r

Simple Test

simple-test is a simple REBOL testing framework. It uses the same overall approach as RUnit (which can be found in the script library). The main differences between simple-test and RUnit are:

  • There are no restrictions on test filenames;

  • Only the code being tested is timed, not the assertion as well;

  • There is more flexibility for setup and teardown code;

  • There are more Rebolish assertions such as assert unset.

  • It runs under both REBOL 2 and the REBOL 3 Alpha

    Though due to a bug in the REBOL 3 Alpha (curecode ticket #1361), simple-test is not currently able to trap all script errors in REBOL 3.

simple-test is an off-shoot of a higher-level testing framework that I have been working on with Gregg Irwin. In future, I hope to fold simple-test back into that framework as its underlying testing engine. I would like to thank Gregg for his contribution.

For more info please read the Simple Test Docs