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Periodic Table of the Elements

Brian Tiffin


1. Introduction
2. Using %periodictable.r
3. Help
4. Bugs

1. Introduction

A REBOL script that displays the Periodic Table of the Elements. Each element is displayed as a button. Pressing a button will display more details, as well as draw a very simplistic diagram of the electron orbits.

The details include Atomic Number, Symbol, Full Name, Class, normal State, Atomic Weight (atomic weight is relative to Carbon-12, which has an assigned weight of exactly 12 units and is very close to the number of protons and neutrons) and finally the electron orbits.

2. Using %periodictable.r

This script is a standalone program. Just DO it.

>>do %periodictable.r



3. Help

Help is available by pressing the application title. The help displays the colour key for the element categories referred to as Class or Chemical Series and the element's state at standard temperature and pressure. Clicking anywhere closes the help window.

4. Bugs

The script calls halt on Close, whereas it should call quit.

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