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Mass mailer guide


The following script can be used for good or for bad intentions: it's a mass emailer.

The scope of the script is to send an email to any number of address avoiding antispam protection of your service provider. Usually any service provider put a limit to the number of email's addresses, this script read your adresses list and send an email at a time to every address.

First of all prepare your addresses list in a text file, like this:

then you have to write your email message with your preferred email software (mine is thunderbird) and save your email as an EML file (just "Save as file..." of your client).

Finally start the script:

Push the button Settings to configure your email settings, your settings are stored in a file, so next time you don't need to write them again.

Push the Email button and select your email file, the red led will become green.

Push the Email list button and select your address list file, the red led will become green.

Now select the interval of seconds between email sendings and push MASS MAILING! button.

If something goes wrong during sendings, the script creates a errors.log file containing the last email sent:

Last sent email is:

This way you can restart from the last email sent, shortening the email list file. Moreover you haven't to fill again fields, just push the Reload last button, and all old configuration will be restored.

This script commonly is used with more than 3000 addresses!

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