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Documentation for: inhide.r

Usage document for %inhide.r

1. Introduction to %inhide.r

inhide.r is a demonstration of the /hide refinement for the ask console input function.

If you are using REBOL/View you will want to check out request-pass.

2. inhide At a Glance

Not setup is required, just do it. This is simply a program to inform programmers of the ability to mask password and other secret input.

3. Using %inhide.r

3.1. Running %inhide.r

From the library with:

 >> do
or locally with:
 >> do %inhide.r

4. What you can learn

This script is to ensure that REBOL programmers know how to hide password input. This script, being a demonstration, actually prints what is typed...defeating the purpose of hiding input, but fulfilling the purpose of informing programmers.

 >> help ask
     ASK question /hide

      Ask the user for input.
      ASK is a function value.

      question -- Prompt to user (Type: series)

      /hide -- mask input with *


REBOL/View programmers will want to check out request-pass

 >> help request-pass
     REQUEST-PASS /offset xy /user username /only /title title-text

      Requests a username and password.
      REQUEST-PASS is a function value.

          xy -- (Type: any)
          username -- (Type: any)
      /only -- Password only.
          title-text -- (Type: any)

5. What can break

Nothing to break here, other than you don't want to type in any actual passwords, as the script displays the characters typed.

6. Credits

%inhide.r Author: Carl Sassenrath
  • The Library Team
  • Usage document by Brian Tiffin, Last updated: 27-Jul-2007