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Documentation for: cgiemailhtml.r

Usage document for easy CGI examples.

1. Introduction to easy CGI

There is a full suite of scripts that demonstrate how easy it is to code Common Gateway Interface applications in REBOL. Complete Example Configuration Document 

%cgiform.r A simple form handler example.
%cgiformobj.r A simple form handler that includes default values.
%cgiformhtml.r A support script that creates the HTML file for simple form handling
%cgiemailer.r REBOL CGI email
%cgiemailhtml.r The support script that creates the HTML for the emailer
%cgimail.r A very simple web emailer, example
%cgicomment.r A nice simple sequence to allow comments on a web page.
%webcomment.r Creates %article.html for use with %cgicomment.r
%cgidump.r Echo back cgi parameters. Useful for debugging

A common document exists to help explain the configuration

2. Link to common document

Complete Example Configuration Document 

3. Credits

  • %cgiemailer.r and %cgiemailhtml.r Original author: Unknown, probably RT, probably Carl.
  • %cgiform.r, %cgiformobj.r and cgiformhtml.r Original author: Unknown
  • %cgimail.r Original author: Unknown
  • %cgicomment.r and %webcomment.r Original author: Unknown
  • %cgidump.r Original author: Unknown
  • The Library Team
  • Usage document by Brian Tiffin, Library Team Apprentice, Last updated: 28-Apr-2007